Faculty and Staff

The Department of Civil and Urban Engineering involves its faculty in a wide variety of state-of-the-art research, and in the development of innovative curricula for the civil engineers and construction managers of the 21st century.

Graduating students and faculty

Our mission is to develop graduates capable of contributing to and advancing the practice of civil engineering and construction management and their sub-disciplines.

Our faculty actively participates in scholarly research activities, allowing us to be up-to-date in our areas of expertise and to incorporate research into our teaching. Through research, we contribute to finding better ways of developing and managing our vital civil infrastructure systems, including transportation, water supply/distribution, and waste disposal.

Faculty members teach undergraduate as well as graduate students. Thus, students are exposed to instructors who are in the forefront of their fields and who are frequently working on projects and topics of current interest, often within the region. Full-time faculty members are augmented by an excellent group of adjunct faculty who teach specialty courses in areas of their expertise, bringing a strong practical applications element to the classroom.

Department Chair: Magued Iskander