John Falcocchio

  • Professor of Transportation Planning and Engineering


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Dr. Falcocchio has been professor of transportation planning and engineering since 1981.

He has served (1995-2014) as the director of the Urban Intelligent Transportation Systems Center (UITSC), executive director of the Transportation Research Institute, and head of the Department of Civil Engineering. As director of the UITSC, and he prepared the first ITS Strategic Plan for New York City, and assisted the New York City Department of Transportation with the deployment of its first ITS projects through research, professional training, demonstration projects, and international outreach.

His transportation career has been shaped through a blend of academic and professional practical work experiences, ranging from academic teaching and research projects in transportation planning, to professional work with regional transportation agencies and local transportation planning projects with the private sector. His research has been supported by the National Science Foundation, US Department of Transportation, New York State Department of Transportation, and New York City Department of Transportation.

Research Interests
Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Travel Demand Analysis Transportation, Systems Management Evacuation Planning Mobility management of congested networks, traveler-oriented criteria and metrics of transportation performance, transportation sustainability.

Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn 1960

Yale University 1964
CHT Bureau of Highway Traffic,

Polytechnic Institute of New York 1972