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NYU Tandon is rooted in a vibrant tradition of entrepreneurship, intellectual curiosity, and innovative solutions to humanity’s most pressing global challenges.

Research at Tandon focuses on vital intersections between communications/IT, cybersecurity, and data science/AI/robotics systems and tools and critical areas of society that they influence, including emerging media, health, sustainability, and urban living.

Dibner Building facing the MetroTech commons

Why NYU Tandon?

Our reputation as a global education leader with a world-class faculty and state-of-the-art facilities make the School of Engineering the perfect place to pursue your education.

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Our Engineers

Featured Faculty

Brilliant, renowned, distinguished, award-winning: you can describe our faculty members many ways, but the most important description just might be dedicated. 

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The School of Engineering students are anything but average. Extraordinarily bright, they're inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs.

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Our alumni include leaders in every field, from bioengineering to business and beyond.

Our Innovators

From the moment a student arrives at NYU Tandon, the focus is on creating innovative technology that will improve the world in some way: making it healthier, smarter, better connected or more sustainable.


Our mission is to be a world-class engineering school that puts students first and is home to lifelong learning. We will be the place that makes the American dream possible; the home of engaged critical thinkers and makers of the future. Our culture of diversity, inclusion, equality, and respect will make us the place where every smart young engineer wants to be. Our students and faculty will tackle strategic societal challenges using a global vision and network, ensuring our cutting-edge innovations are thoughtfully and successfully introduced into society. We will be the engine of innovation for Brooklyn and New York City.


Our values are the bedrock of our community. We believe in changing the world through our passion for scientific truth, facts, and educational excellence within a nurturing and connected community accessible to all.