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An UNconventional Location

Together, NYU Tandon and Brooklyn are working at the intersection of engineering innovation and technology to make new advances work for everyone. 

brooklyn bridge with skyline in background

Making an Innovation Coastline a Reality in the Borough of Makers

What started as a Tech Triangle has burgeoned into an entire Innovation Coastline, radiating from the waterfront and encompassing the entire borough and all of New York City. NYU Tandon is a central engine of that growth, as people from all around the world and the block are drawn to a dynamic, collaborative ecosystem of tech entrepreneurs, cutting-edge companies, leading researchers, and passionate students. Our slogan — Born Anywhere Made in Brooklyn — encompasses the power of our combined experiences, a commitment to innovation, and the ingenuity of our home borough. 

For proof look no further than NYU Tandon @ The Yard, an initiative that leverages the Emerging Media expertise of NYU Tandon School of Engineering with industry and media partners across the country to create a new media hub and must-visit facility within the Brooklyn Navy Yard.  A 14,000-square-foot production and research facility, NYU Tandon @ The Yard is bringing research-grade emerging technology within reach of media, entertainment, and cultural sectors of the city, allowing companies, museums and other arts organizations, and independent creatives to have an equitable platform in which to engage in new tools and techniques.

tandon navy yard volumetric capture studio
NYU Tandon @ The Yard – The volumetric capture studio

Brooklyn is the leading driver of the innovation economy in New York State, and New York City is the fastest-growing hub of technology on the planet. In fact, it has been ranked the #1 city for tech in the world. This ranking is based on a range of categories, including business and tech environments and access to talent. Be a part of that talent pool and continue to keep New York City on top for innovation and technology.   

Tandon's Presence in Brooklyn

Situated in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn but proximate to the exciting residential neighborhoods of Dumbo, Brooklyn Heights, Fort Greene, and Carroll Gardens, NYU Tandon is the largest NYU stakeholder in Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Commons provides a quad atmosphere where you will find labs, classrooms, lunch options, a gym, and the library, as well as opportunities to mingle with executives from the various companies that call the Brooklyn central business district home. In addition, the Commons is home to the NYU Tandon MakerSpace, a hub for hands-on education and the place where ideas are made a reality. 

aerial view of Brooklyn with DUMBO, downtown Brooklyn and the Navy Yard making up the Tech Triangle

Just across Jay Street, you’ll find the newly renovated 370 Jay building, where Tandon occupies seven floors of the 13-story former MTA headquarters. Together these spaces host 11 centers and research institutes including:

We’re working hand-in-glove with our home borough to continue our upwards ascension and drive innovation across the city, region and planet.

Born anywhere and made in Brooklyn, right here at NYU Tandon.

Brooklyn Partners 

At NYU Tandon, we know progress is made faster and problems are tackled more effectively when academic, public, and private institutions join forces.

We’re proud to partner with organizations to achieve our common goals: making our city — and the whole world — a safer, healthier, more sustainable, better-connected place.