Year in Review


At NYU Tandon, we focus on fields in vital research areas, particularly at the intersections between them in AI, cybersecurity, communications and information technology, data science, emerging media, health, robotics, sustainability, and all things urban. Building upon a rich history in which opportunity and diversity are keys to success, NYU Tandon proves you can be born anywhere but made right here in Brooklyn.


Three columns representing strategic pillars on top of a foundation. Text on pillars: Community, Students first, Research

Greetings from Brooklyn

Brooklyn Bridge

Over the course of the past year
 (my first as dean), I have been inspired to watch the accomplishments of
 my colleagues, see the achievements of our students, embrace the diversity and culture of our campus, and
 reap the benefits of working and living in the greatest city in the world.

NYU Tandon is already a demonstrated leader in fields as diverse as cybersecurity, wireless communications, and chemical and biomolecular engineering. Now we are redoubling our efforts on new, increasingly vital areas of inquiry through faculty appointments and exciting research. We are creating an academic environment that fosters possibilities at the nexus of fields such as data science, AI, robotics, communications/ITemerging media, health, sustainability, and all things urban, in the greatest living urban lab in the world.


I arrived just a year ago knowing that although our faculty and students come from every corner of the world, it was our collective goal to help them become the engineers and innovators they were always meant to be right here in Brooklyn. We call that NYU Tandon Made, and it requires equal parts determination, street smarts, innovation, and entrepreneurship — as well as a healthy measure of heart. The Tandon Made ethos encompasses the history of two strong institutions: Brooklyn Poly and New York University. We’re the perfect union of a university in and of the city and an engineering school proud
 to graduate the person who coined the phrase “American Dream” — a foundational idea and polestar for people
born anywhere looking to make
it in Brooklyn.

Born Anywhere Made in Brooklyn logo

I am proud that NYU Tandon has made the impressive leap from 80 to 40 in just a decade in the U.S. News rankings, and I am honored that six of my young colleagues have received 2019 NSF Career Awards, resulting in close to 50% of our current faculty having received a CAREER or other young investigator award. I feel great joy when I reflect that many of our students spent their summer engaged with local New York City middle and high school students and teachers, spreading their knowledge and love of STEM through our #STEMnow initiative; that NYU WIRELESS, our world-renowned research center, continues to influence the way that we process and share information today and tomorrow; and that a cohort of faculty is working to protect every one of us from the protean threat of cyber fraud.

We are busy at Tandon, and we wouldn’t have it any other way; our focus and drive has allowed us to create 10 academic research centers devoted to areas of world-changing importance and attract the largest cohort of women students in our history.

I like to think we’re just getting started. We operate like a startup but with a long and storied history. I hope you enjoy this brief summary of our past year here at NYU Tandon and hope you can visit us in Brooklyn in the coming year!

— Jelena

graphic showing percentage of first-year women students rose from 23.8% to 46%  and US News rankings rose from #80 to #40 in last ten years

At NYU Tandon we’re actively fostering the success of our women students — providing strong mentorship from accomplished woman faculty members and offering a wide range of programs and activities aimed at establishing a supportive and inclusive environment. People are taking notice; the percentage of women students in our incoming classes has been steadily increasing, and we’re well on our way to achieving a gender balance representative of the general population.