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Your drive to engineer solutions doesn’t vanish at the classroom door.

The Office of Student Affairs and the Office of Student Activities and Resource Center (OSARC) work together to provide programming and leadership opportunities outside of the classroom. From engaging in conversations about diversity and inclusion at our annual Diversity in STEM or Women in STEM Summits, to honing your personal leadership skills at our Leadership Lab programs, or to running your own student organization, the opportunities to get involved are endless at Tandon.

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Phone 646-997-3918 646-997-3800 646-997-3800

5 MetroTech Center
(Dibner Building)
Room LC240

5 MetroTech Center
(Dibner Building)
Room LC221 and LC223
5 MetroTech Center
(Dibner Building)
Room LC221 and LC223


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The NYU Tandon community has a wide range of talents, interests, and needs. We are committed to providing the services and resources needed to benefit each and every student.

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With dozens of student clubs and professional associations at NYU Tandon, there are endless opportunities to learn, connect, and have fun. Want to build robots, bridges, or a new business? We have a club for that.

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Compliment your academic development by building your leadership competency toolbox through leadership development workshops and trainings or hone your leadership skills through taking on an on-campus leadership role.

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You have made an excellent choice to attend the NYU Tandon School of Engineering. Our first year experience programs are here to support you as you transition into university life here in Brooklyn!

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Discover how to impact your community, here and around the world, by using your technology and engineering skills towards making social change.

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We are committed to advocating for and supporting all students, in an effort to create a greater sense of welcome, belonging, wellness and excellence.

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New York University is home to the highest number of international students in the United States with over 17,000 international students and scholars from over 140 different countries.

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Here at Tandon, we have Student Councils for both undergraduate and graduate students. The Councils are the student governing bodies for the Tandon School of Engineering and serve as the students’ voice to the administration, faculty, and University as a whole.

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