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Student Government

Our student councils are the student governing bodies for the Tandon School of Engineering and serve as the students’ voice to the administration, faculty, and University as a whole.

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Undergraduate Student Council

all members of the Tandon Undergraduate Student Council for 2019

The Undergraduate Student Council is elected by students of NYU Tandon School of Engineering to serve as their primary representatives, advocates, and liaisons to the entire student community. The Student Council is charged with:

  • Serving as the officially designated representative of the undergraduate student body and to advocate to the administration and corporation (Board of Trustees) on behalf of the student body and, when requested, provide student representatives to committees.
  • Coordinating major campus events in coordination with the Division of Student Affairs and enhance the educational mission of NYU Tandon School of Engineering by providing social, cultural, educational, and developmental programs, events and services.
  • Gathering and expressing student opinions on how to improve student life and campus activities.
  • Ensuring that students are fully apprised of all information dealing with the impact to their undergraduate experience.
  • Responsibly and equitably distributing student activity fees and student organization funding.
  • Working with other student groups to program college-wide events designed to foster cohesiveness within the entire undergraduate population.
  • Assuring that all events, programs and services offered by student clubs, organizations, societies, and other groups are open to all members of the School of Engineering community regardless of race, sex, religion, national origin, physical disability, sexual orientation, or age except as permitted by law.
  • Protecting the rights and responsibilities of the undergraduate student body and to work with other members of the Tandon School of Engineering community to maintain and improve the quality of education and social experience received at the Tandon School of Engineering.



The Tandon Undergraduate Student Council officers are elected via an anonymous online voting process open to all credit-earning undergraduate students at the end of the Spring Semester for the upcoming academic year. For more information, consult the:

Graduate Student Council

all members of the Tandon Graduate Student Council for 2019

The Graduate Student Council acts as the official graduate student governing body of the NYU Tandon School of Engineering, whose purpose is to foster NYU and Tandon community, provide an open forum for all of its constituents, and promote leadership. Volunteering for the Graduate Student Council is a great way of becoming an active member of the community, where you can work with your peers to build community at the Tandon School of Engineering. It provides you a platform where you can voice your opinions and act on changes you want to see.

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  • All the members of the Graduate Student Body shall get to vote and elect the Executive Officers of the GSC, with the exception of the Alternate Senator who is appointed.
  • Elections for the Executive Officers shall be held during the Spring semester and newly elected officers shall take office beginning the succeeding Fall semester.
  • The Executive Officers shall appoint the members of each committee of the GSC. Applications for the committees will be solicited at the end of the Spring semester for the next academic year.

For more information on elections, amendments, meeting etc. refer to the:

University Senate

Interested in representing your peers and your school to the NYU Senate? NYU Tandon seeks to fill our undergraduate and graduate Senator positions, with NYU's Student Senators Council.

A student may only run in the school of which they are a student in. Past attendance at Student Council Meetings is generally encouraged. The School Senator will act as a liaison between their respective school, NYU Student Government, the University Committee on Student Life (UCSL), and the University Senate. They must attend ALL called meetings of the NYU Student Government and UCSL, which are generally held Thursdays at Washington Square from 9AM - 11AM.