Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineers design and develop products, systems and processes to improve human health.

Our faculty and students focus on connecting engineering and technology with medicine. They create new approaches and tools for medical imaging, tissue engineering and repair, bioinstrumentation and biosensors, mechanobiology, robotics and prosthetics, computational medicine, systems genetics, and a wide variety of other applications.

Multiple Brain Scans

If you are interested in working with a multidisciplinary team of engineers, scientists and physicians to enhance health and wellness of patients worldwide, biomedical engineering is the course of study for you.

WE ARE HIRING! If you are interested in joining a fast-growing new biomedical engineering department with excellent resources and close connections to a major medical center, apply for our new Tenure-Track Assistant/Associate Professor position.

PhD-Program-Application Deadline Extended: You can still apply to our new Biomedical Engineering PhD program. The deadline for the submission of applications has been extended to December 15. 


Contact Us

Department Head: Andreas H Hielscher
Phone: 347.439.0484
Main Office: Steven Ruiz
Phone: 212.992.5974 BEI Office;
646.997.3636 JB Office
Graduate Program Advisor: Xiao Ma
Phone: 646.997.3575