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About Our Offices

OSARC staff

Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs supports the School of Engineering's academic mission by enhancing students’ education through a range of programs that build intrapersonal, professional, emotional, and other essential life skills. We work in partnership with academic, support, and service departments to tailor our activities to students’ needs. Our programs work to address emerging issues, develop student leadership excellence, promote and foster campus community citizenship, foster campus-wide diversity awareness, and provide general student advocacy. Additionally, the Office of Student Affairs partners with external stakeholders from corporations, not-for-profits, startups, and educational institutions to programmatically enhance the professional development of students and to fulfill diversity pipeline objectives.

Student Affairs Diversity

Inclusion, Diversity, Belonging and Equity Initiatives

The Office of Student Affairs at Tandon is committed to supporting the diversity mission of New York University “to embrace diversity among faculty, staff and students to ensure a wide range of perspectives.” NYU Tandon students reflect the diversity of the world and we have a responsibility to provide and sustain a safe and affirming environment. Our office seeks to create spaces that promote social justice through open and considerate dialogue and where differences are embraced, valued and celebrated. To that end, students will find a variety of opportunities to participate in activities, programs and trainings that allow them to live, learn and grow as global citizens that contribute to the development of a better world. Our Student Affairs hallmark events, the Diversity in STEM and Women in STEM Summits, each happen once an academic year and provide a hands-on day-long experience for students to engage with these issues through workshops, panels, and keynote events.

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The mission of the NYU School of Engineering Office of Student Activities and Resource Center (OSARC) is to support the academic goals of the School by providing services and programs designed to enhance and maximize students’ co-curricular educational opportunities. All programs and services are designed and implemented with the aim of creating a rich educational environment, infused with the core values of: community engagement and civic responsibility, diversity and cultural competency, innovation and creative thinking, interpersonal and leadership development, and connection to the global network university. OSARC strives to increase student satisfaction in Brooklyn, assist in the retention of students leading to graduation, and provide opportunities for students to develop essential life skills.

Core Values:

Aligned with the NYU School of Engineering’s goals, the Office of Student Activities and Resource Center will promote a positive school climate that empowers students in regards to:

Community Engagement and Civic Responsibility
We believe in broadening the educational experience through active civic engagement and embracing the NYU tradition of being “a private university in the public service.”

Diversity and Cultural Competency
We believe in developing intercultural competency and fostering an inclusive community that recognizes the value that diversity brings to the campus community.

Innovation and Creative Thinking
We believe in creating a collaborative environment that embraces interdisciplinary thought and social entrepreneurship, to support the development of creative leaders.

Interpersonal and Leadership Development
We believe in the holistic development of intellectual, emotional, and interpersonal skills that further individual and community growth.

Connection to the Global Network University
We believe in complementing and supporting the University's academic mission as an international center of scholarship, teaching, and research. We believe in providing comparable resources and services to students in Brooklyn.