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Student Advocacy

The Office of Student Advocacy plays a vital role in supporting students facing challenging situations during their time at Tandon.

Our office works with various other offices at NYU to help students solve problems and develop self-advocacy skills. For more information regarding Student Advocacy, contact Deanna Rayment, Assistant Director of Student Advocacy & Compliance or Ra Ra Rollins, Student Advocacy Specialist. 

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At the Tandon School of Engineering, we believe that the freedom to teach and learn is crucial to the academic process. Therefore, the Office of Student Life & Services has worked with other departments to develop procedures and policies to safeguard these freedoms. To fulfill our goal as a learning community, we frame our foundation of success around the following:

  • Respect and dignity of self and others
  • Academic and personal integrity
  • Responsibility and accountability for one’s actions
  • Establishing values and goals
  • Embracing human and intellectual diversity and inclusiveness

This foundation enables us to ensure the growth and success of the entire community socially, physically, academically, and emotionally.

Any behavior that threatens the academic environment threatens the learning process and the Tandon School of Engineering community. Therefore, the Tandon School of Engineering exercises its right to discipline and commits its policies and procedures in the form of a Code of Conduct to the protection and promotion of the academic enterprise.

Student Conduct

The Office of Student Advocacy is in place to promote a safe respectful academic environment by considering possible violations of the NYU Tandon School of Engineering Student Code of Conduct. This allows students to develop into leaders by giving them a central role in establishing student conduct policy; and, when appropriate, offering violators of the code an opportunity to learn from a fair process and develop into responsible community members. Incidents of student misconduct and academic dishonesty are reported to the Office of Student Advocacy for review and appropriate action is taken in compliance with the Code of Conduct.

Community Compact

NYU Tandon School of Engineering asks all new students to sign a Community Compact to maintain the standards set by the community you are now joining. By signing this, you are acknowledging your agreement.

If you have questions, please contact the Assistant Director of Student Advocacy & Compliance, Deanna Rayment.

Excused Absences

An absence can be excused if you have missed no more than 10 days of school. If an illness or special circumstance has caused you to miss more than two weeks of school, please refer to the section labeled Medical Leave of Absence.

Students may request special accommodations for an absence to be excused in the following cases:

  • Medical reasons
  • Death in immediate family
  • Personal qualified emergencies (documentation must be provided)
  • Religious Expression or Practice

If illness or an accident causes you to miss a class (or classes) or an exam, you should do the following:

Students should not provide anyone except the Office of Student Advocacy with a copy of medical documentation. If a professor requests a copy, refer them to the Office of Student Advocacy. It is important for instructors to know when you are experiencing an issue that might interfere with your studies. However, it is also important that your personal matters be kept confidential.

Student Religious Observance

NYU Policy Regarding Observing Religious Holidays

The Tandon School of Engineering’s policy requires students provide the Office of Student Advocacy with notification via this Google form 14 days in advance of the days to be taken off.

Leaves of Absence

Thinking about requesting a leave of absence?

Types of Leave:

  • Medical Leave of Absence
  • Counseling Leave of Absence
  • Personal Leave of Absence

Medical Absence FAQs

Transfer Information

If you are a student who wants to transfer from NYU to another institution and you require a college transfer form to be completed, please see the steps below:

  1. All request forms should be submitted via Google Form to the Office of Student Life & Services. 
  2. You must complete one form per university that you are applying to. 
  3. Please allow up to 5 business days for processing
  4. Please note, all forms are sent directly to the school you are applying to. These forms will not be sent back to the student directly.

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