Mission, Vision, and Values


Mission          Vision       Values


Our mission is to be a world-class engineering school that puts students first and is home to lifelong learning. We will be the place that makes the American dream possible; the home of engaged critical thinkers and makers of the future.

Our culture of diversity, inclusion, equality, and respect will make us the place where every smart young engineer wants to be. Our students and faculty will tackle strategic societal challenges using a global vision and network, ensuring our cutting-edge innovations are thoughtfully and successfully introduced into society. We will be the engine of innovation for Brooklyn and New York City. We believe in changing the world through our passion for scientific truth, facts, and educational excellence within a nurturing and connected community accessible to all.



We are engineering healthy and sustainable, creative and smart, connected and secure global urban communities.

Today, 1 in 2 people live in an urban community; in 2050, 7 out of 10 will. This is why — with the entirety of New York City as a living urban lab — we are working to make them:

female student in lab coat holding test tube by equipment
Healthy and Sustainable

through our work on creating assistive technology to increase accessibility and livability for all, imagining new medical devices, exploring new renewable fuel sources, helping reduce carbon emissions and making our power grids more efficient.

student wearing digital light mask
Creative and Smart

through our efforts on AR/VR, being able to land on the Moon at the Museum of Natural History, helping surgeons use robotics to perform delicate operations.

student working on wireless equipment in lab
Connected and Secure

by paving the way to 6G, ensuring the safety of the power grid and engineering networks, software, and cyber-physical systems that are impervious to hacking.


Our research focuses on vital fields and the intersections between them:

Areas of Excellence arranged in a venn diagram with NYU Tandon in the center


2 students outfitting a mannequin with a haptic backpack
We reach across boundaries in the name of solving problems

We do not “stay in our lanes.” The issues society faces are multifaceted and unpredictable, so we work unconventionally. We break through traditional departmental and school lines to build unexpected relationships and collaborations. We work together to tackle urgent and intractable problems from multiple angles.

three diverse students in lab coats, one holding a solution in gloved hands
We are engineering for equality

We’re building a culture and technologies as varied and vibrant as the world we live in. We believe the diversity of our students, faculty, and staff is essential to excellence and innovation. And we have a responsibility to create tools and systems that are more than just technically sound, but that are ethical, equitable and accessible for all.

2 latinx students posing in front of flags
You can be born anywhere and made in Brooklyn

Here in Brooklyn — a place where anyone from anywhere can succeed if they work hard enough — we are making the American Dream possible. Here, we’re empowering a diverse group from around the world and around the block to become the kind of engineers, and people, they dream of being.

In the fastest-growing technology hub in the country, engaged critical thinkers and makers of the future are making amazing things happen fueled by a shared quality that we call #NYUTandonMade: a combination of creativity, determination, street smarts, entrepreneurship, and heart.