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Bachelor of Science

NYU Tandon School of Engineering offers a range of Bachelor's Degrees in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math.

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Applied Physics/Nanophysics

Applied Physics, B.S.

Applied Physics is devoted to the study and understanding of nature. Considered the most fundamental science, it deals with the constituents, properties, and evolution of the entire universe, from the smallest subatomic particles to the largest galaxies.
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Biomolecular Pathogen

Biomolecular Science, B.S.

Scientists working at the interface between biology and chemistry create big changes while working on the cellular and molecular level.
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Business and Technology Management

Business and Technology Management, B.S.

Oriented toward current and future high growth arenas, the Business and Technology Management (BTM) trains business leaders of tomorrow. You’ll become deeply familiar with technology and innovation and work in diverse venues.
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Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Neurons

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, B.S.

As a chemical and biomolecular engineer, you'll become part of a field that has contributed to the development of virtually every material common to modern life and emerging technologies.
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Brooklyn Bridge

Civil Engineering, B.S.

Civil engineering includes everything from the design and construction of buildings, bridges, and roads to securing our water resources and preparing for pressing environmental and social challenges.
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Computer Engineering, B.S.

Computer engineers develop products that touch nearly every part of our lives, from sending e-mails from cell phones to reconstructing genomes. That’s just the kind of invention & innovation the School of Engineering encourages.
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Computer Science, B.S.

Computer science focuses on designing, building, and using the computers and systems that we interact with every day — from iPhones to the complex databases in banks and hospitals.
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Electrical Engineering, B.S.

From the subway systems beneath our cities to the HD televisions on our walls, innovations by electrical engineers touch every aspect of modern life, but new challenges await the electrical engineers of tomorrow.
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Electrical and Computer Engineering, B.S.

Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering are both extremely pertinent in today's high technology and global world, and this program gives students opportunities to garner knowledge from both disciplines.
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Integrated Design & Media, B.S.

Our Bachelor of Science Integrated Design & Media (IDM) program centers around the IDM core, a suite of courses that focus on the four areas of Image, Sound, Narrative, and Interactivity.
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Mathematics, B.S.

Mathematics forms the backbone of scientific fields, like physics, engineering, and computer science. With a firm grasp of mathematics, you’ll have the foundation to launch explorations of related disciplines.
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Mechanical Engineering Gears

Mechanical Engineering, B.S.

Mechanical engineering builds the physical systems and devices that define modern society — everything from air conditioning to automobiles, robots to power plants, artificial limbs to escalators.
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Physics and Mathematics

Physics and Mathematics, B.S.

Mathematics has applications to nearly every branch of science and engineering, and advances in physics — for example, those in electromagnetism and thermodynamics — often resonate deeply with mathematics.
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