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Doctor of Philosophy

The Doctor of Philosophy is a degree designed to prepare students to discover, assimilate, and apply knowledge as well as to communicate and disseminate it.

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Biomedical Engineering, Ph.D.

The Biomedical Engineering Ph.D. program provides you with all of the necessary skills to develop technological innovations that contribute to improved human health and quality of life.
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Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering, Ph.D.

The Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering program at the School of Engineering prepares you to be interdisciplinary engineers who develop and implement groundbreaking discoveries on a large scale.
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Civil Engineering, Ph.D.

Growing and established cities are continually meeting new infrastructure needs and maintaining older systems, such as highways, bridges, and airports. Tandon's Ph.D. in Civil Engineering program produces graduates dedicated to enriching the field.
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Computer Science, Ph.D.

Ph.D. students in our Computer Science program can conduct groundbreaking research with the faculty of our interdisciplinary Center for Cyber Security.
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Electrical Engineering, Ph.D.

The Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering program is filled with students and faculty who prize the School of Engineering's emphasis on invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship through top-flight laboratories and a fierce dedication to advanced research.
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Mechanical Engineering, Ph.D.

Our Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering program offers a balanced curriculum that emphasizes the principles behind designs and approaches, and we make computational and research experience an integral component of your studies.
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Transportation Systems, Ph.D.

Individuals interested in the highest calling for the pursuit of knowledge in the science of transportation systems should consider the Ph.D. program in Transportation Systems.
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Urban Systems, Ph.D.

The Doctoral Studies program in Urban Systems offers an interdisciplinary, educational and research environment designed to use the ‘city as a lab’ to accelerate field deployment of innovative solutions to emerging urban needs.
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