Masoud Ghandehari ,

Associate Professor

Masoud Ghandehari

Masoud Ghandehari is on the Faculty of Civil and Urban Engineering at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering. Prior to joining NYU, he held a research appointment at the National Science Foundation Center for Advanced Materials, and The Center for Quality Engineering and Failure Prevention. He began university studies at Columbia University followed with consulting practice in New York City where he worked on various large infrastructure renewal projects. He did his graduate work at McGill University and Northwestern University with a doctoral thesis in full field optical metrology for imaging damage localization.

His academic research has focused on the application of advanced instrumentation and data analysis targeting the aging, health and performance of physical systems. Through the application of sensing, observations and system assessment, he is developing methodologies that generate multi-scale data on physical, environmental and human systems. This work is aimed at developing novel approaches for understanding the condition, interdependencies, and well being of cities and its inhabitants.

Funding for the research is from the National Science Foundation, the Department of Transportation, the industry, and various international agencies. His research in optical spectroscopy, sensing, imaging, and large data analytics has led to the development of applications and technologies suitable for diverse environments and multiple scales; ranging from the molecular to the urban landscape.
Professor Ghandehari is the founding investigator of the New York State Resiliency Institute for Storm Events, and founder of Chromosense LLC which is supported by the National Institutes of Health for innovation in environmental sensing. 

Research Interests: Sensing and materials health diagnostics, applications to infrastructure, utilities and the urban environment. Multi-scale optical remote sensing and spectroscopic imaging. Data integration in urban engineering.

Columbia University 1988
Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering & Applied Mechanics

McGill University 1993
Master of Science, Civil Engineering

Northwestern University 1998
Doctor of Philosophy, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Northwestern University
Post Doctoral Fellow
From: December 1998 to July 1999

Geiger and Associates, New York
From: June 1988 to April 1989

Weidlinger Associates, New York
From: April 1989 to June 1991

New York University, Department of Civil and Urban Engineering
Associate Professor
From: September 1999 to present

Center for Urban Science and Progress
Affiliated Faculty, CUSP Urban Observatory
From: January 2013 to present

Current projects

  • Ground based hyperspectral remote sensing of urban energetics
  • High resolution mapping of exposure to particulate matter in dense environments
  • Network imaging in urban resiliency
  • Full field imaging of ionic transport in porous media
  • Spectroscopic imaging of degradation of building materials


  • National Science Foundation
  • National Institutes of Health
  • Department of Transportation
  • Housing and Urban Development
  • Consolidated Edison
  • National Grid


  • Center for Urban Science and Progress
  • NYU School of Global Public Health
  • NYU Institute for the Interdisciplinary Study of Decision Making
  • CUNY NOAA Center for Remote Environmental Sensing
  • MIT Multi-Scale Science Institute for Energy and Environment



Method for Mapping Distribution of High pH, (Pending)

Technology for detection of hazardous substances, (Provisional)