VIP Teams

Even if your major is not listed for a particular team, you are encouraged to still apply to the teams that interest you. VIP Teams review applications and accept students from ALL majors at NYU.

ALL VIP Teams are accepting undergraduate students.* (GY) indicates that the VIP Team is also accepting graduate students.

*unless indicated otherwise by (GY - ONLY)

All Teams

AR/VR Work in AEC

Leveraging realistic AR/VR environment for Architecture, Engineering, Construction (AEC)

Augmented Library (GY)

This team is not accepting new applications for the Fall '24 semester. Students who are interested can apply for Spring '25 later this year.

Chem-E Car

Design and build a prototype vehicle that is entirely controlled by chemical reactions, and compete at regional and national competitions.

Everyday Assistive Technology

Collaborating with the NYU Ability Project and NYU Dentistry to study the challenges of deploying and maintaining assistive technologies

NYU Concrete Canoe

Creating a fully-functioning concrete canoe using innovative methods to compete in the ASCE regional and national competition

NYU Holodeck: Future Reality Lab

Emulating the potential of future capabilities of small high quality VR/AR that will enable computer-supported face-to-face communication

NYU Hyperloop (GY)

Research and development on a variety of engineering disciplines relating to the manufacturing of a comprehensive Hyperloop system


Creating new technologies using synthetic biology to solve real-world problems

NYU Motorsports

A dynamic team of engineers, creators, and leaders who design and build the best off-road vehicles in NYC to compete against other universities.

NYU RoboSub

A team comprised of determined engineering participating in a RoboNation competition to design and construct an innovative Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

NYU Robotic Design Team

A team of engineers and innovators participating in a NASA competition who is constantly striving to design and manufacture an automated rover for extraterrestrial excavation

NYU Self Drive (GY)

Aiming to revolutionize the autonomous industry by researching, designing and prototyping self driving cars

NYU Steel Bridge

Designing, fabricating and constructing a 20 foot long bridge for an annual competition where it is load tested with 2500 pounds

Reprint Bot (GY)

Prototyping a standalone system that recycles used plastic bottles in order to use the material for 3D printing purposes

RoboMaster: Team UltraViolet (GY)

Designing, building, and programming up to eight varieties of grounded and aerial robots to compete in an annual RoboMaster Competition hosted by DJI

Rogue Aerospace

Seeking to design, build, and launch reusable rockets, with hands-on exposure and experience in aerospace and its applications

Sixth Sense (GY)

Addressing the challenges of mobility faced by the visually-impaired by developing technologies for navigation and obstacle avoidance

Urban Food Lab

A vertical farming research team aimed at exploring our own fields on the platform of an aquaponic vertical farm in the Makerspace.

Urban Remote Sensing (GY)

Developing a high performance spatial data management tool to efficiently store, index, integrate, and query point cloud datasets