Feminism and STEM (GY)

  • This team has been paused and will not run in the Spring 2024 semester.



  • Exploring understudied issues concerning the social impact of digital technologies for health and wellness from a feminist social science perspective
  • Training students in feminist social science research methods
  • Providing students with hands-on experience with social science research methods
  • Training students in technical fields to formally investigate the impacts of their current and future work
  • Training students how to follow laboratory best practices, such as record keeping
  • Providing students with opportunities to demonstrate their research proficiency to broader publics through publication credits and/or public presentations, as appropriate

Research, Design, and Technical Issues Involved or Addressed: 

Students will contribute to research tasks across the life cycle of a scholarly research practice. These could include:

  • Conducting scholarly literature reviews in relevant fields of the social sciences
  • Training in human subjects research ethics
  • Training in qualitative data collection and analysis techniques
  • Collecting and analyzing data from media sources and human subjects studies
  • Collaborating to write scientific papers
  • Leading or collaborating on scientific communication projects, such as conference talks and presentations for NYU and public audiences
  • Creating design prototypes that demonstrate socially appropriate technological development
  • Establishing best practices for a feminist-oriented research group

Methods and Technologies

  • Qualitative research methods, such as interviews, ethnography, and auto-ethnography
  • Content analysis of media sources
  • Archival research about the origins of current technologies
  • Secondary literature research

Majors and Areas of Interest

  • Integrated Design Media
  • Anthropology
  • Social and Cultural Analysis
  • Global Public Health
  • STS or Feminist and STEM minor at Tandon
  • Any students with an interest in the social impact of technologies or the social context of health innovation

Related Grand Challenges

  • How can feminist principles positively shape technological development?
  • What does a feminist laboratory look like?
  • What is needed to ensure that innovation serves everyone?

Primary Instructors