NYU Holodeck: High-Speed Research Network (GY)

  • Developing a stable, reliable high-bandwidth, low latency network infrastructure

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NYU-IT Research Technology is developing and implementing an innovative new High-Speed Research Network (HSRN) to move data imperceptibly fast, enabling NYU researchers to create cutting-edge real-time innovations. One example of these projects is the NSF funded NYU Holodeck which creates 3D real-time renders for communication. To support these projects, the team is developing a stable, reliable, high-bandwidth, low latency network infrastructure called Corelink.

An instance of Corelink currently sits on a fiber optic network connecting many of NYU's physical locations. By contributing to Corelink, you are helping to create a framework that powers much of the real-time research in NYU.

You can find more information at https://vip.hsrn.nyu.edu.

Team Focuses

  • Network Maintenance

    • The maintenance and monitoring of the network itself.

    • NYU-IT is implementing a dynamic and minimally-interactive permissions system that relies on big data analysis.

    • Example Tasks

      • Creating machine learning algorithms to create behavior classifications

      • Automating meaningful data collection throughout the network

  • Corelink Development
    • The creation of the infrastructure that moves data through the network.

    • Corelink utilizes the latest data transfer protocols, and integrates an approachable API with advanced technologies.

    • Example Tasks

      • Optimizing the C++ client

      • Optimizing transfer in server data relay

    • Corelink Documentation

  • Corelink Application
    • The application of Corelink into projects and examples.

    • The team is also creating in-house examples and applications to showcase the capabilities of Corelink.

    • Example Tasks

      • Creating a browser audio example

      • Creating a Corelink enabled robot to monitor the network

Methods & Technologies

  • Network Maintenance

    • Linux Environments
    • Network Architecture and Protocols
      • TCP, UDP, packet monitoring/filtering, connection analysis
    • Network Security
      • Corelight, Zeek/Bro, Cisco Stealthwatch, ntop
    • Machine Learning
    • Automation
  • Corelink Devlopment
    • Various Languages (e.g. C++, Javascript, Python, Java)
    • Networking Protocols - TCP, UDP, Websockets, QUIC, RDMA
  • Corelink Application
    • Robotics
    • Web Development
    • Audio Engineering
    • Video Engineering

Areas of Interest

  • Computer Science
  • Computer Engineering
  • Robotics
  • UI/UX Design

Faculty Advisors