College Students Studying College

  • Researching true college experiences to learn about varied perspectives and identities of students

The back shot of a student wearing their graduation gown and hat with a scroll in their left hand

Our research will be deeply attuned to the reality that collegians may have different experiences depending on what identities they hold.  We’ll learn about working with human subjects and IRB and weigh various methodologies for creating data. For example, what kinds of things are best learned from a survey and what kinds are best learned from an interview?  Or better yet, what can you learn from a student’s interview that you can’t learn from their essay and vice versa?

This project-based course will form research teams who examine student experiences in — and outcomes of – college, with the goal not only of understanding but also of improving the university.

Methods & Technologies

  • Quantitative (Survey design and statistical analysis)
  • Qualitative methods (including focus groups, interviews, case studies, grounded theory, and document analysis)


  • Student Experiences
  • Student Outcomes

Areas of Interest

  • Higher Education
  • Rhetoric and Writing Studies
  • Photography
  • Psychology
  • Documentary Filmmaking
  • Statistics
  • Critical Race Theory


  • NYU Steinhardt
  • NYU Tisch
  • NYU College of Arts and Sciences

Faculty Advisor