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"The Future Of"

Based out of New York University's Tandon School of Engineering, "The Future Of" is a student-produced podcast that looks at emerging technological innovation and research via interviews with NYU Tandon faculty and students. 

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The Future of NYU Tandon Undergraduate Student Council

This week we got the chance to sit down with the President of the Undergraduate Student Council at NYU Tandon, Florence Tong, and discuss her transition to life in Brooklyn, her experiences working with Dean Jelena, challenges she’s faced as both a student and student leader, and advice she has for students at NYU Tandon.


The Future of the Tandon School of Engineering

What does the future hold for the NYU Tandon School of Engineering? Dean Jelena Kovačević sat down with host Annie Brinich to discuss Tandon's strategic plan, as well as the Dean's personal history and future in engineering and academia.

View the NYU Tandon Strategic Plan.


The Future of Computing Power and Machine Learning

This week, we're talking to Professor Shaloo Rakheja of Tandon's Electrical and Computer Engineering department about the materials that tomorrow's computers will be made of. We also talk to Dr. Geneviève Patterson about what computer are doing with their considerable power, the future of machine learning, and TRASH, the video editing tool she's developing. Both Professor Rakheja and Dr. Patterson dispense advice about researching, this month's theme at NYU Tandon.

You can learn more about TRASH at www.trash.app or on social media platforms @thetrashapp.


The Future is Female (Part 2)

Bertha Jimenez, founder and CEO of RISE products talks about what it was like going from PhD program at NYU Tandon to founding a start-up, and Professor Benedetta Piantella talks about her work in a field that's hard to define.


The Future is Female (Part 1)

Daniela Blanco and Ingrid Paredes are PhD candidates in Chemical Engineering, and they are KILLIN' IT out there. Daniela is co-founder of sustainable nylon startup Sunthetics, and Ingrid organizes the NYC March for Science. That's on top of both of them just being really cool and smart and funny. The future is female, Tandon!

The Future of Medicine: Modeling and Imaging

Humans are complicated. Students and faculty NYU Tandon are hard at work developing new ways to analyze the diseases, disorders, and conditions that our bodies and minds experience. TFO sits down with two PhD students and from NYU Tandon's computer science department who create medical imaging process to be better understand the health and development of the human brain and eye, and we speak to Professor Maurizio Porfiri about how fear of missing out can influence how diseases spread.

The Future of Transportation: Hyperloop!

When SpaceX called on students from around the world to help them design a better hyperloop, NYU Tandon answered that call. The Tandon team is now amongst 52 finalists competing to create the fastest functioning prototype of a hyperloop pod for Elon Musk's company. Mathieu Loing, president of NYU Hyperloop, and Salvy Cavicchio explain how the hyperloop works and their process in creating the best version of this emerging form of transportation.

The Future of Finance: Quantitative Portfolio Management

How are we using mathematical models to engineer better ways of making money? This week we interview Financial Engineering students at NYU Tandon to find out how they're changing the investment game to solve for market crowdedness, using statistical methods to make investment more profitable and less risky.

The Future of Games: Artificial Intelligence

Christoph Salge, Michael Green, and Tiago Machado on NYU Tandon's Game Innovation Lab explain how artificial intelligence is changing digital games, and how digital games provide excellent testbeds for AI. Christoph and Michael talk about the Generative Design in Minecraft Competition: an open-call challenge for programmers to create machine learning programs that generate landscapes in the popular video game Minecraft.

The Future of Medicine: Imaging & Delivery Systems

We talk to two researchers approaches to diagnosing and treating diseases could very well be a part of our near future. One is doing her Ph.D. in Computer Science and working to make medical images even more incredibly powerful diagnostic tools, and the other, a biochemist, using proteins to deliver drugs for osteoarthritis treatment. 

The Future of Transportation: Autonomous Vehicles

Professor Li Jin of the Civil and Urban Engineering Department, along with graduate students Reuben Juster and Nick Caros, discuss the many ways in which autonomous vehicles are projected to shape how we get around in the future. They point out the work still needed to be done before autonomous vehicles become a permanent fixture in our lives.


The Future of Governance: Elections

TFO discusses how attempts to influence voters are evolving with data scientist and Tandon Ph.D. student Laura Edelson, and how governments could improve the voting process, and increase voter's trust, with The GovLab Knowledge Director Andrew Young.

The Future of Cybersecurity: Passwords

This week, TFO looks at how passwords work, why we use them, and how they might change in the future. Hossein Siadati, a Tandon Ph.D. graduate, and Sophia D'Antoine, the Tandon OSIRIS Hacker-in-Residence, explain the pros and cons of our current login system. 

Tandon Tomorrow Specials

Interview with Bertha Jimenez

Bertha Jimenez talks about how RISE got its start at NYU Tandon.

Interview with Bertha Jimenez

Bertha explains the RISE products she's bringing to Tandon Tomorrow.

Interview with Daniela Blanco

Daniela Blanco tells "The Future Of" what being in a Ph.D. program in Chemical Engineering is like.