CBE Seminars - Spring 2019 | NYU Tandon School of Engineering

CBE Seminars - Spring 2019

Spring 2019

10:30 am - Noon, Tuesdays or Fridays

Date Room Speaker Affiliation Title
Jan. 15 JAB674 Gül H. Zerze Princeton Univ Order, disorder and asymmetry in biomolecular structure and assembly: a computational perspective
Jan. 18 JAB674 Alex Pak Univ Chicago From Fundamentals to Therapeutics: Molecular Insights into Viral Morphogenesis
Jan. 29 1MTC 1930/1931 Tibor Szilvasi Univ Wisconsin Computational Design of Chemoresponsive Liquid Crystalline Systems
Feb. 1 2MTC 9009 Antonia Statt Princeton Univ Pathways to structure formation in colloid and polymer mixtures
Feb. 8 2MTC 9009 Wenhao Sun Lawrence Berkeley National Lab Navigating stability and metastability in the synthesis of novel functional materials
Feb. 15 2MTC 9009 Andrea Cepellotii UC Berkeley Heat and Charge Hydrodynamics
Feb. 22 2MTC 9009 Bryan Wong UC Riverside Energy-Transfer Mechanisms in Complex Chemical Systems: A Real-Time Dynamics Perspective
Mar. 1 2MTC 9009 Dimitrios Maroudas UMass Amherst Defect Engineering and Patterning of Thin Films and Two-Dimensional Materials: A Computational Materials Science Approach
Mar. 8 2MTC 9009 Nav Nidhi Rajput Tufts Univ High-Throughput Simulations to Design Optimal Electrolytes for Energy Storage Devices
Mar. 15 2MTC 9009 Newell Washburn Carnegie Mellon Univ Design of Complex Material Systems with Hierarchical Machine Learning
Mar. 29 2MTC 9009 Nathalie Pinkerton Pfizer Polymeric Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery and Imaging
Apr. 5 2MTC 9009 Stephen Jaffe Exxon Mobil Composition Based Modeling
Apr. 12 2MTC 9009 Hannah Murnen Compact Membrane Systems Chemical separations that can change the world: Using fluoropolymers membranes to separate light olefins and paraffins
Apr. 19 2MTC 9009      
Apr. 26 2MTC 9009 Peter Tessier Univ of Michigan Drug-like antibodies by design and directed evolution
May 3 2MTC 9009 Sanat Kumar Columbia Univ Polymer-Grafted Nanoparticle Membranes with Unusual Gas Separation Properties
May 10 2MTC 9009 Andrea Ghez UCLA Morawetz Lecture