CBE Seminars | NYU Tandon School of Engineering

Fall 2019

10:30 am-Noon on Fridays
Room: JAB 474

Date Speaker Affiliation Title
Sep. 13 Christopher Roberts University of Delaware Physical stability of therapeutic antibodies, and predictive approaches to antibody formulation and candidate design
Sep. 20 No seminar - -
Sep. 27 Anne Skaja Robinson Carnegie Mellon Engineering Approaches to Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease
Oct. 4 Matthew Panzer Tufts University Design of Polymeric Scaffolds for Nonaqueous Ionogel Electrolytes
Oct. 11 Nathalie Pinkerton Pfizer & NYU Developing Responsive Soft Nanomaterials for Biomedical Applications
Oct. 18 Samira Azarin University of Minnesota Biomaterial-based approaches to study and control ovarian cancer
Oct. 25 Abraham Strook Cornell  TBA
Nov. 1 Nitash Balsara UC Berkeley Ohm's Law, Polymer electrolytes, and Lithium Batteries
Nov. 8 Michael Wong Rice  Designing Catalytic Converters for Clean Water
Nov. 15 Charles Musgrave UC Boulder Accelerating the Discovery of New Materials for Energy Applications Using Ab Initio and Machine Learned Modeling
Nov. 22 Fotis Sotiropoulos SUNY SB Dean’s Lecture. 1MTC 1930/1931
Dec. 6 Francesco Stellacci EPFL Hydrophobic Forces in Soft Materials
Dec. 13 Michael Harold University of  Houston Multi-functional Structured Catalysts for Emission Control