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Mock Exam Review Sessions

A tutor and his two students

PTC Review Sessions will help you prepare for your exams, and are very popular with students. Review sessions are held for courses including: CS1113, CS1114, CS1134, CS2124, PH1013, PH2023, PH2033, PH 1223, PH 1213, CM1003, CM1013, CM1023, CM 2213, and CM 2223.

The PTC Reviews Sessions will not be held in-person.  However, we will post mock exams here.  Later on in the week, we will post solution keys as well as a video offering an explanation of the exam.

Helpful hint about using these resources:  We have found that it's best to attempt the mock exam on your own first without consulting the solution key.  By relying on the key, a student can reverse engineer through the problems, thus creating a false sense of security on what the student does and does not adequately understand.

Click on the links below to open the files.

Computer Science

Spring 2024 Mid-Term Mock Exam Reviews