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Funding and Financials

Funding for Student Clubs

Student organizations recognized by the University receive various forms of support from the Office of Student Activities and Resource Center and Student Council. A major portion of the annual Student Activities budget is allocated to student organizations to support programs executed by student groups and the Office of Student Activities and Resource Center, as well as other counterparts within Student Affairs. The Office of Student Activities and Resource Center and Student Councils assist organizations by funding programs benefiting the entire student population.

Initial Allocation Funding

  • All clubs and organizations will receive an initial funding allocation at the beginning of each semester. This allocation is to be used for programming for the semester in which it is allocated. Organizations are not required to submit requests to use their initial funding allocation for events, but are required to follow the spending guidelines outlined below and follow the reimbursement procedure in order to be reimbursed from their account. Funding decisions are based on amount spent in previous semesters and engagement level, as measured by number of events and attendance. Failure to register events on NYU Engage (OrgSync) and/or take attendance on NYU Engage (OrgSync) may result in a reduction in funding for the following semester. OSARC reserves the right to decrease a club’s funding to failure to adhere to policies and procedures outlined in the OSARC Student Club Handbook.
  • Funds will not roll over from semester to semester. If any organization would like to roll over their funding, they must meet with their Graduate Assistant prior to the beginning of the new semester. Exceptions will be granted by OSARC on a case-by-case basis.

Supplemental Funding

  • Student Council allows for supplemental funding requests to be made once per month. Any student organization wishing to obtain supplemental funding must submit the Supplemental Funding Request Form via NYU Engage (OrgSync) prior to the monthly supplemental funding deadline. Limited supplemental funding is available. Therefore, organizations should ensure that they are using their initial allocation to its full potential before requesting supplemental funding. Supplemental Funding can be requested for three (3) reasons:

    • New Initiative or Program
    • Co-Sponsorship with Student Council
    • Competition, Conference, Project, or Research

Payments and Reimbursements

Once your event or program has been approved for space and funding, you may need to reimburse your club members or pay vendors. All reimbursements must be completed during the semester in which the event happened by the deadline set by OSARC (usually the last day of classes). OSARC reserves the right to deny reimbursement requests made the semester after the event has occurred. All paperwork should be submitted to LC 223, and must include:

  • Student Expense Reimbursement Form or Payment Request Form
  • Itemized original receipt, invoice, or contract (Note: all contracts must be signed by OSARC)
  • Approved Event Request Form from NYU Engage (OrgSync) for event corresponding to the reimbursement.

Student Expense Reimbursement Form (pdf)
This form is used to reimburse NYU students who have paid for items out-of-pocket for their specific student clubs. The student to be reimbursed must sign off on this form. An original receipt that is itemized should be attached to this form and turned into LC 223. Students will only be reimbursed if funding has been pre-approved.


In order to pay any: Amplified Bands, Dance Companies/Troupes, Professional DJs, Non-School of Engineering Student DJs, utilize the School of Engineering Artist Contract (doc).

In order to pay any: Guest Presenters, Lecturers, Panelists, Workshop Facilitators, Trainers, Teachers, Instructors, Conductors, Art/Photo Exhibitors, Coaches, Judges, Poets, Spoken Word Performers, Comics, Theater Performers, Acoustic Music Performers and Ensembles, Soloists, Choirs, Glee Clubs, A cappella groups, Models, utilize the Guest Presenter Contract (doc).

Fundraising and Sponsorship

We strongly encourage our student clubs to seek funding avenues beyond those provided by the Student Council. Student clubs have the ability to fundraise as well as to seek donations and sponsorship from outside organizations.

Your organization must register your intentions with the OSARC. We also strongly encourage you to set up a meeting with your Club Contact to review any donation requests.

Fundraising Request Form (on NYU Engage Event Request Form)
If your organization wishes to conduct a fundraiser (either on campus or off campus), please complete and submit an event request form to OSARC at least three (3) weeks prior to the planned event. 

Donation Request template (doc)
To be utilized when seeking outside sponsorship. All intentions to request funds must be registered with the OSARC, all incoming funds must be processed through the Development Office for record keeping purposes. Please contact us to set up an in person meeting to review the process.

Student Affairs Conference & Competition Fund (on NYU Engage)
The Student Affairs Conference & Competition Fund through the Office of the Associate Dean of Student Affairs exists to support individual students, OSARC recognized student clubs, and other student groups to attend local, regional, and national conferences and competitions. All individual students and OSARC recognized student clubs are eligible to request assistance to attend a conference or competition from the Student Affairs Conference & Competition Fund once an academic year. Applications are due no later than 3 weeks before the start date of the competition or conference. Please see the NYU Engage (OrgSync) form for complete eligibility details.

Women at Tandon Alumni Advisory Council Student Engagement Award (web application)
Through the established giving circles, the Alumni Advisory Council will be able to support students who wish to participate in opportunities designed to enrich their undergraduate and graduate experience. Membership fees will go towards supporting women students’ participation in professional conferences, internships, Study Away, or research. 

Student Senators' Council (SSC) Conference Fund (web application)
The Student Senators Council (SSC), with the generous assistance of the Senior Vice-Provost for Research, established a fund to support students traveling to conferences to present a project. The Conference Fund is available to all students, both undergraduate and graduate, who are looking for funding to attend a conference related to their academic or professional goals.The conference fund provides awards of up to $750.00 for domestic travel and up to $1,000.00 for international travel. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis via the online form linked above.

Office of Global Services Co-Sponsorship (on NYU Engage)
The Office of Global Services (OGS) allows student clubs and NYU organizations to request co-sponsorship for NYU events specifically for international students. If co-sponsorship is approved, NYU OGS asks that the OGS logo be included in any advertising of the event. Please complete the application at least three weeks in advance of your event in order to request a co-sponsorship.

Collection of Funds Form (pdf)
This form should be submitted to deposit any donations or funds raised on behalf of your organization to your account.