Women at Tandon Committee | NYU Tandon School of Engineering

Women at Tandon Committee

The Women at Tandon committee at the School of Engineering consists of administrators and faculty members committed to the advancement of women in STEM.

The goal of Women at Tandon is to: increase recruitment, retention, and success of women through a wide range of programs, services and activities geared towards building a supportive environment of and for women; and cultivate and showcase women to be leaders in the transformation of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math locally and globally.

Committee Chair

Nicole L. Johnson
Assistant Dean for Opportunity Programs

2018-2019 Subcommittees

Subcommittee Members
Women's Center Proposal

Nicole Johnson, Carrie Bowling, Anna Choromanska, Elizabeth Ensweiler, Haldun Hadimioglu, Maey Khaled, Andrew Rapin, Amanda Schick

W@T Marketing

Elizabeth Ensweiler, Lisa Klimkiewicz, Victoria Bill, Cindy Lewis, Sandra Ordonez, Andrew Rapin

Graduate Student Programming

Andrew Rapin, Mike Burgo, Elizabeth Henaff, Karen Worthing

Student Town Hall Series

Krysta Battersby, Brittany Aranowitz, Nicole Johnson, Elizabeth Stepp

Woman to Woman Newsletter

Lindsay Anderberg, Elizabeth Ensweiler, Nicole Johnson, Cindy Lewis, Andrew Rapin

Male Allies Programming

Rosemary Ampuero, Brittany Aranowitz, Cory Adam Cottingim, Megan Gilbert, Haldun Hadimioglu, Ming Leung, Ayaskanta Sahu, Long Wu

Alumnae Advisory Council 

Nicole Johnson, Valerie Cabral, Alexandra Serret

WoMentorship Program

Brittney Bahlman, Krysta Battersby

Professional Development

Beth Rudoy, Kristen Day, Elizabeth Ensweiler, Rabeya Kamal, Sarah Sheilds, Elizabeth Stepp 

Science and Feminism Studies BS Degree or Minor 

Krysta Battersby, Amber Benezra, Elizabeth Henaff, Nicole Johnson, Beth Rudoy, Elizabeth Stepp

Subcommittee Leads appear in bold

Committee Members

Alexandra Seidenstein                                    Karine-Frederique Loriot
Alexandra Serret Kayla Hsu
Allison Taylor Kok-Ming Leung
Amanda Schick Kristen Day
Amber Benezra Krysta Anastasia Battersby
  Latisha Willa Loupadiere
Andrew Rapin Lindsay Anderberg
Anita Farrington Lisa Klimkiewicz
Anna Choromanska Long Wu
Ayaskanta Sahu Maey Khaled
Benjamin Esner Maryam Modjaz
Beth Rudoy Megan Gilbert
Brittany Aranowitz Michael Burgo
Brittney Anne Bahlman Nasir Memon
Carrie C Bowling Phyllis Frankl
Cindy Lewis Rabeya Kamal
Cory Cottingim Roger Luke DuBois
Elizabeth Ensweiler Rosemary E. Ampuero
Elizabeth Hénaff Roza Galeeva
Elizabeth Stepp Sandra Ordonez
Enrico Bertini Sarah Shields
Haldun Hadimioglu Shaloo Rakheja
Jin Montclare Valerie Cabral
Karen E Worthing Victoria Bill

Alumnae Advisory Council

The mission of the Alumnae Advisory Council (AAC) is to support the advancement of women at Tandon.

The goal of the AAC is to increase the presence and positive outcomes of women through an array of services geared towards building a supportive environment of and for women.

To learn more about the Alumnae Advisory Council, please contact:

Valerie Cabral, Director of Alumni Relations, valerie.cabral@nyu.edu

Nicole Johnson, Assistant Dean for Opportunity Programs, nicole.johnson@nyu.edu