Women @ Tandon

We’re working to make HERstory history.

We live for the day people don’t talk about “women in STEM” — just accomplished scientists, technologists, creators, and engineers who also happen to be women. Until then, we aim to be a leader in building a supportive environment where we all work together to increase women’s representation, retention, and success through a wide range of programs, services and activities.

Diverse trio of female students

International Women in Engineering Day – June 23, 2021

Engineering heros - multiple headshots of Tandon women faculty

As a school, NYU Tandon is a place where everyone feels welcomed and where everyone — regardless of gender, orientation, race, or ethnicity — is treated equitably. But because we’re a school of engineering, we can go even further — we can actually build a more just and equitable future. We have AI researchers rooting out implicit bias in algorithmic systems and computer scientists ensuring that operating systems are accessible to the differently-abled. There are wireless researchers working to narrow the digital divide, and sustainability experts trying to improve urban farming methods. We’re making the planet cleaner, diseases easier to treat, and online spaces safer. So, celebrate International Women's Engineering Day with the women engineers at NYU Tandon, and learn how their engineering heroics are shaping — and saving —the world. 

At NYU Tandon, the American Dream is not limited by gender.

From K-12 STEM programs to summer research opportunities, Tandon is ensuring that the next generation of engineers is the strongest it can be by providing young women with the tools for success. Our efforts are paying off — women make up 40% of the Class of 2024, almost double the average for U.S. engineering schools.

See how we've been making progress towards closing the STEM gender gap:


Spotlight on Women

Meet the Tandon researchers, innovators, technologists and makers shaping, and in some cases, saving the world.

Women @ Tandon Committee

The Women @ Tandon committee at the School of Engineering consists of administrators and faculty members committed to the advancement of women in STEM.