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Submission and Judging


Written summary of your team’s project with a 100 word limit on each section, including: 

  • Outline of the specific problem being solved
  • Solution to the problem
  • Novelty of the approach
  • Impact of the invention at scale,
  • Support the team needs to bring the product or service to market

Undergraduates Submit Here  Graduates Submit Here

Judging Criteria

  • Problem/Solution fit – Does the intended solution solve the problem statement of the challenge? 
  • Competitive Advantage – Is there a unique approach to the way the problem is being solved and is it defensible? 
  • Market Potential & Scalability – Can this solution move beyond the ideation and prototyping phase and support the needs of a big enough market? 
  • Needs Identified – Does the team know what their needs are to succeed with the project? 


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Elza Erkip

Institute Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering; Director of Graduate Programs

John Ross Rizzo

JohnRoss Rizzo

Assistant Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine, Neurology, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, and Biomedical Engineering

Kurt Becker

Kurt Becker

Vice Dean for Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship