NYU Tandon Made Challenge

Inviting new students to use their talents to solve real-world problems

What is the Tandon Made Challenge?

A chance for NYU Tandon School of Engineering incoming students, both graduate and undergraduate, to focus their immense talents on solving pressing societal challenges. 

The next Tandon Made Challenge will take place summer of 2023.

Webinars on the topics and team formation will occur throughout the month of July providing ample opportunities for students to learn from industry experts and engineering leaders, while coming together to form lifelong bonds with other NYU Tandon students. 

Whatever the concept, the NYU Tandon Made Challenge encourages you to bring it to life — quickly, collaboratively, and efficiently. 

How Does it Work?

The challenge is open to all incoming NYU Tandon students interested in being a part of a team. Faculty members and interested alumni are also welcome to join a team or multiple teams to provide technical and industry expertise to the students. 

The challenge has three tracks: AI for Good, Health Engineering, or Moonshots. Teams must self-identify in one of these three categories. 

We encourage you to form virtual teams with your future classmates, lab-mates, faculty, friends, and mentors. Zoom-based team hunts, during which we will guide you, will also be organized with breakout rooms to help you partner virtually with other participants. 

The Three Challenge Topics

brain on computer chip
AI for Good

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to solve some of humanity’s greatest challenges, especially the sustainable development goals (SDG) identified by the United Nations (UN). We know that this powerful technology can accelerate new solutions and improve access for underserved populations. 

Challenge: How can artificial intelligence and the power of widespread and widely available data be used to solve a societal problem in a unique way?

robotic arm holding a heart
Health Engineering

Engineering a better tomorrow for health through systems, hardware, software, and beyond. All engineering disciplines have made incredible impacts on the health systems we use and over the next decade will continue to influence the entire system as a whole and how we individually receive care. 

Challenge: What is a current healthcare problem that can be solved through engineering of hardware products and software platforms? 

rocket in space

In the moonshot section of this challenge, there are no bounds, no limits, no specific areas in which to ground yourself. The status quo is not enough but simple ideas won't do either. Get comfortable with not knowing whether your solution to a problem will or will not work, and let creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial thinking guide you to develop a 10x improvement that forces you to throw out traditional thinking and brainstorm something radically new. 

Challenge: Do you know a radically difficult problem that needs to be solved in a unique and cutting edge way?



What Awards will the Winners Receive?

A $10,000 prize pool split between the undergraduate and graduate winning teams presenting at the final demo day. A portion of the prize will be given to the teams upon award and the remainder held in the teams’ name and awarded in trenches upon the completion of certain development milestones, such as the creation of the first prototype. 

Program Details