NYU Tandon Made Challenge

Inviting new students to use their talents to solve real-world problems

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A chance for NYU Tandon School of Engineering incoming student teams to focus their immense talents on solving pressing healthcare challenges during and after the COVID-19 crisis — and to potentially see their solutions brought to market.

The series of challenges will start on June 1 and each challenge will run for two weeks, starting with zero contact hardware. Webinars on the topics and team formation will occur throughout the month of May and at the start of each challenge, providing ample opportunities for students to learn from industry experts and engineering leaders, while coming together to form lifelong bonds with other NYU Tandon students. 

Whatever the concept, the NYU Tandon Made Challenge encourages you to bring it to life — quickly, collaboratively, and efficiently. 

How Does it Work?

The challenge is open to all incoming NYU Tandon students, both graduate and undergraduate, interested in being a part of a team. Faculty members and interested alumni are also welcome to join a team or multiple teams to provide technical and industry expertise to the students.

The first challenge will officially open on June 1, but a series of activities precede the challenges that focus on preparing the participants with more information about the opportunity space and team formation throughout the month of May. Each challenge will run for a total of two weeks with a deadline.

Participate in one or all of the challenges! Even if you don’t participate in the first, you are free to join any subsequent challenge.

Teams formed for the first challenge can carry over into the subsequent challenges, but the same team cannot win more than one challenge. The challenge will have both an undergraduate and graduate submission portal and winner, but all the challenge content will be the same for all challenge participants. 

We encourage you to form virtual teams with your future classmates, lab-mates, faculty, friends, and mentors. Zoom-based team hunts, during which we will guide you, will also be organized with breakout rooms to help you partner virtually with other participants. 

The Three Challenges

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Zero Contact Touchless Hardware Retrofits Challenge

June 1 — June 17

Problem Statement: How can we develop novel retrofits of current hardware — doors, elevators, and payment systems to name a few — to enable engagement in a way that eliminates the transmission of any bacteria or viruses on surfaces?                                                         

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Telecommunication, Telehealth and Teletherapy enabled by Communications (5G) Challenge

June 22 — July 8

Problem Statement: How can we utilize the latest advancement in 5G and other wireless technologies to provide remote diagnostics, support, and, when applicable, treatment support to patients in an effort to enable the next generation in healthcare?

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Robotic Control of Healthcare Devices Challenge

July 13 — July 29

Problem Statement: How can we enable the remote control of critical healthcare equipment such as ventilators, dialysis machines, or others without placing healthcare workers into a potentially threatening environment that can be contaminated with a virus like COVID-19?

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Each challenge has a $10,000 prize pool split between the undergraduate and graduate winning teams. A portion of the prize will be given to the teams upon award and the remainder held in the teams’ name and awarded in trenches upon the completion of certain development milestones, such as the creation of the first prototype. 

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