Past NYU Tandon Made Challenges

2020 Challenges

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Zero Contact Touchless Hardware Retrofits Challenge

June 1 — June 17

Problem Statement: How can we develop novel retrofits of current hardware — doors, elevators, and payment systems to name a few — to enable engagement in a way that eliminates the transmission of any bacteria or viruses on surfaces?                                                         

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Telecommunication, Telehealth and Teletherapy enabled by Communications (5G) Challenge

June 22 — July 8

Problem Statement: How can we utilize the latest advancement in 5G and other wireless technologies to provide remote diagnostics, support, and, when applicable, treatment support to patients in an effort to enable the next generation in healthcare?

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Robotic Control of Healthcare Devices Challenge

July 13 — July 29

Problem Statement: How can we enable the remote control of critical healthcare equipment such as ventilators, dialysis machines, or others without placing healthcare workers into a potentially threatening environment that can be contaminated with a virus like COVID-19?

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