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Coaching and Tutoring

one on one student tutoring

Individualized Coaching

Our students are assigned to a dedicated staff member for 1-to-1 meetings to check in, discuss questions and concerns, and share advice and information that may benefit you. 

TRIO Scholars find it helpful to meet with us to discuss their adjustment to college and the fast past of classes, tips for dealing with the high volume of assignments, how to be successful in group projects, or just being a sounding board and providing advice.

Success Counseling

The road to success is not easy! The TRIO Counselor can help improve your productivity skills and reduce the academic anxiety that comes along with being a Tandon student. Your Counselor will help you create goals as well as create a plan to stick to them. Scholars that commit to the process typically become more confident and organized, have better follow-through, and are able to function more purposefully in all areas of their lives.

  • Time Management
  • Procrastination Reduction
  • Enhancing Study Habits
  • Decreasing Test Anxiety


  • Motivation
  • Stress Reduction
  • Problem-Solving
  • Personal Improvement


  • Confidence/ Assertiveness
  • Choice of Major/ Minor
  • Career Exploration
  • Professional Development


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Tutoring is one of the cornerstones of the TRIO Scholars Program and has proven to be an important factor in the academic success of our students. We offer tutoring primarily in first-year and sophomore-level math, science, and computer science courses, but additional courses may be offered if there is high demand and tutors are available. All TRIO Scholars tutoring services are free and confidential with a focus on helping our Scholars understand the coursework, increase their confidence in the academic subjects, and learn independently.

student helping another student learn

Our primary method of delivering tutoring services is via Individualized Tutoring with a Peer Tutor. In this format, you will meet on a 1-to-1 basis with a tutor in the subject(s) you requested. Ideally, the sessions will meet weekly throughout the semester, however, we understand this format does not work with everyone’s schedule or learning preferences. Therefore, we allow our returning Scholars to schedule their own tutoring sessions so they can have their questions answered in a timeframe that works best for them. Students who are new to the TRIO Scholars Program will have their initial tutoring sessions scheduled by TRIO Staff.

We do offer additional formats for tutoring such as remote sessions via Zoom, small group tutoring, evening drop-in sessions, exam reviews, and more. These additional formats are available depending on student requests and tutor availability.


The TRIO Scholars Office is open Monday through Friday, 9 am–5 pm

  • In-person tutoring is available in our office Monday through Friday from 10 am–4 pm.
  • Any tutoring sessions requested before 10 am or after 4 pm will meet remotely via Zoom.
  • Additionally, we offer limited remote tutoring via Zoom on weekends based on tutor availability.


Popular Courses:

  • Biology - BMS1003, BMS2003
  • Chemistry - CM1003, CM1013, CM1023, CM2213, CM2223
  • Computer Science - CS1113, CS1114, CS1121, CS1134, CS2124
  • Math - MA914, MA1024, MA1124, MA1324, MA1424, MA2034
  • Physics - PH1013, PH2023, PH2033

Additional Courses:

  • Chemical and Biological Engineering: CBE2124, CBE3714, CBE2233
  • Civil Engineering: CE2133, CE2143, CE2213, CE3183, CE3243
  • Computer Science: CS3083, CS3113, CS3224, CS4613
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering: ECE2004, ECE2204, ECE3114
  • Mechanical Engineering: ME2213, ME2123, MA2813, ME2223, ME3333, ME3213
  • Math: MA2114, MA2224, MA2314

Please note - higher level courses are offered based on tutor availability