TRIO Scholars Program

The TRIO Scholars Program assists our students in achieving the highest degree of excellence while pursuing their undergraduate degree at the NYU Tandon.

Our approach toward success is holistic, as many aspects of your life are interconnected and contribute to your overall achievement and well-being. We're here to help you realize your potential, identify and help you with your goals, enhance your self-awareness and expand your leadership skills.

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TRIO at a Glance

TRIO understands that your life does not revolve solely around academics!  We identify your unique needs and strengths and work with you toward a successful college experience.

We provide support in several ways, allowing you to choose the services that we offer as needed. Our main goals are to ensure that you feel a sense of belonging to the NYU Community, that you feel prepared for the rigorous coursework, and you're confident that you will succeed in your journey at Tandon.

Your TRIO Journey

Whatever You Need, We’re Here to Help...


Want Support and Guidance?

we have coaching and counseling

We know that college can be difficult and there are many challenges to face. We’ll provide guidance and support from an interactive, collaborative perspective that will empower you to make the right decisions during your journey at Tandon. We’re student-focused and will help you to develop the skills to mitigate academic, personal, and career-related concerns.


Challenging Classes?

we offer tutoring services

Individualized (1-to-1) peer tutoring is the cornerstone of our program. We primarily offer tutoring in foundation-level (first- and second-year) math, science, and CS courses, as well as some advanced courses.


Want to Stay Informed?

we have workshops

We offer a wide range of workshops to help you develop and enhance your well-being, academic productivity, and professional and life skills needed to feel confident. Popular workshops include Assertiveness, Credit Card 101, GRE Prep, Managing a Group, and more.


Seeking Community?

join TRIO

Find out if you meet the criteria to become a TRIO Scholar or Tutor. 


Program Details

What Our Students Say

"TRIO is the light that shines on me reminding me that I am not alone when I find myself in the abyss. Being part of TRIO is like having a second family; everyone is on the lookout for each other and it ensures no one is left behind. I like being part of TRIO because they provide equity within the University."

— Jen Martinez Dionicio, B.S. Computer Science Major

"TRIO has provided me indescribable support and guidance I needed as I was transitioning into an era of my life where I was suddenly on my own, managing my courses, building my professional career, and staying true to my passions and self. My TRIO advisors kept me grounded throughout my undergrad experience and have always been so welcoming whenever I reached out for counseling and/or advisement. My experience at Tandon would not be the same without TRIO, and I am super grateful to be a part of this community.”

— Winnie Zhen, B.S./M.S. Computer Science Major

"I’ve been fortunate enough to take advantage of most of the services the TRIO Scholars Program has to offer. I can easily say, access to individualized tutoring and counseling services are among the top things I enjoy about being a TRIO Scholar. The individualized tutoring helped me keep up academically, especially with higher-level math and programming courses. The counseling services were major in reassuring me that I did belong here and that I was capable of handling the pressure."

— Kelvin Delarosa, B.S. Computer Engineering Major

"As a 4th-year student, I figured it couldn’t hurt to give TRIO a shot. I’m so glad I did. Even though I didn't need any tutoring, the program has all kinds of workshops that are incredibly helpful. The best part, however, was the counseling. My TRIO counselor helped me figure out graduation and career plans. I was able to properly juggle my workload and personal life thanks to their guidance. Honestly, I don't know how I would've made it through this past year without the TRIO Scholars program. So if you're looking for comprehensive support during your college journey, I highly recommend checking it out!”

— Kavitha Rao, B.S. Mechanical Engineering Major, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Systems Engineer

"TRIO has been an absolute game-changer for me. When I first joined, I had an okay GPA and felt a bit lost in navigating my college journey. But with the incredible coaching and support from TRIO, I was able to stay focused and increase my GPA. The individualized tutoring they provided helped me conquer challenging courses, and their counseling services were invaluable when it came to discussing adulting, life decisions, and my future career path. My TRIO counselor truly became a trusted confidant, guiding me through the ups and downs of college life."

— Diba Chowdhury, B.S. Integrated Design & Media Major, Computer Science Minor

"As a first-generation student, TRIO continues to teach me so many things that I was unaware of. I love TRIO because of the opportunities it connects me to. For me, TRIO gives me the space to talk to someone when I need to.

— Denys Vasyutyn, B.S. Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering