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Chemical and Biological Engineering

Chemistry micropipette tips

Biomolecular Pathogen

Biomolecular Science, B.S.

Scientists working at the interface between biology and chemistry create big changes while working on the cellular and molecular level.
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Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Neurons

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, B.S.

As a chemical and biomolecular engineer, you'll become part of a field that has contributed to the development of virtually every material common to modern life and emerging technologies.
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Biotechnology Growing Plants

Biotechnology, M.S.

Biotechnology is a swiftly growing industry. From the food grown at our farms to the medicine we buy and the ways we clean up the environment, biotechnology affects many facets of our daily lives.
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Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship

Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship, M.S.

Analysts predict biotechnology will be one of the most important applied sciences in the 21st century. Every day welcomes another advancement in the field and a chance to grow a business.
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Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering, M.S.

Chemical engineering is a rapidly expanding field requiring interdisciplinary engineers educated in both the molecular and medical sciences, who will find a way to develop and implement discoveries on a large scale.
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Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering, Ph.D.

The Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering program at the School of Engineering prepares you to be interdisciplinary engineers who develop and implement groundbreaking discoveries on a large scale.
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