Diversity and Inclusion @ Tandon

Diverse, inclusive, and equitable environments are not tangential or incidental to excellence, but rather are constitutive of it.

Such environments invite and foster a wider range of experience, knowledge, and perspectives, which in turn fosters a more successful, creative, and innovative institution, as well as teams or groups within that institution.

Our Commitment

"engineering against uniformity"

The NYU Tandon School of Engineering is committed to supporting and enhancing inclusion, diversity, belonging, and equity (IDBE) among students, faculty, and staff, in the service of excellence.

That means supporting within our community:

Diversity in Action

NYC skyline at night with IdeaScale logo
members of Inclusion Committee
man in wheelchair with students

IdeaScale is a platform where the NYU Tandon community can share and develop ideas to enhance Inclusion, Diversity, Belonging, and Equity (IDBE). It allows students, faculty, and staff to propose and discuss initiatives. Users can submit ideas, vote on suggestions, and collaborate on strategies that aim to improve the overall experience within the NYU Tandon community.


We are creating an environment in which everyone can feel welcomed, respected, and supported. We want to be effective allies of Black and Latino students, the LGBT community, aspiring women STEM professionals, and all other groups who might feel marginalized or barred from the STEM world. 


As research institutions, engineering schools are perfectly positioned to create next-generation technology that accounts for inherent bias, measures disparities, increases accessibility for people with disabilities, and opens world-changing possibilities in sometimes unexpected ways. 

black male students standing in front of periodic table


We vow to be a staunch and active ally of Black and Latino STEM scholars and industry professionals, and we are conducting the ongoing work, vigilance, and in-depth discussion required. The My Brother's Keeper @ Tandon (MyBK @ Tandon) Initiative is an important component of this effort and the concrete, measurable actions we are taking.

group of women students at Women in STEM summit


We vow to be a place where women scientists, technologists, and engineers are heard and supported. We know that it’s impossible for a society to thrive if it ignores the talents and skills of a large segment of its members, and we won’t rest until women, who make up half the world’s population, have the education they need to hold half the world’s STEM jobs.

Inclusive Excellence Awards for Students, Faculty and Staff


4 CIOs of the Office of Inclusive Excellence



The Office of Inclusive Excellence (OIE) was established to offer strategic leadership for Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Belonging at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering. The OIE works to build and foster diversity, equity, inclusion, social justice, anti-racism, anti-discrimination, restoration, reconciliation, and accessibility at NYU Tandon.

NYU-Wide Resources

Global Inclusion and Diversity — NYU’s Office of Global Inclusion, Diversity, and Strategic Innovation is dedicated to developing and implementing strategies that advance inclusion, diversity, belonging, equity, and innovation across the entire NYU community.

Being@NYU — measuring our progress in advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion

Center for Multicultural Education and Programs (CMEP) — offers educational and social events, programs, and resources