Inclusive Excellence Award | NYU Tandon School of Engineering

Inclusive Excellence Award

For Faculty


The Inclusive Excellence Award for Faculty will be awarded each year to a Tandon faculty member who demonstrates inclusive leadership and manifests the ideals of diversity, belonging, and equity through research and scholarship, creative work, teaching, mentoring, and/or service. The recipient will receive a $5,000 award. 

All full-time Tandon faculty members are eligible for nomination.

Nomination Materials and Process

Nominators are asked to submit the following documents by the announced deadline to the Faculty Development,

  • A Nomination letter (describing why the individual or team should receive the award) may be submitted by anyone in the Tandon community. Self-nominations are also welcome.
  • A statement of how the nominee’s work has fostered and enhanced IDBE (up to 2 pages written by the nominee).
  • Contact information of one additional individual who can provide testimony to the impact and effectiveness of the nominee’s contributions.
  • Additional supporting materials, which may include: 
    • Copies of/links to relevant research/scholarship/creative work
    • Reviews of scholarly/creative work or observations of teaching
    • Relevant Course syllabi

Primary Evaluation Criteria

Demonstrated commitment to fostering IDBE across a range of possibilities such as: 

  • Research or Creative Work 

    • Engagement in research or creative work that enhances our understanding of IDBE.
    • Engagement in research or creative work that attracts new scholars to the field and improves access and opportunity.
  • Teaching/Mentoring

    • Development and implementation of effective strategies for teaching that advance the education of students from underrepresented groups; activities can include innovative classroom instruction and advising (undergraduate or graduate students).
    • Mentoring undergraduate or graduate students, or faculty who are members of groups that are historically or currently underrepresented in their field and/or whose background and experiences contribute to campus diversity.
    • Creating curricula and courses that enable the development of student intercultural competence to navigate global and multicultural realities.
    • Implementing effective strategies/policies that address barriers preventing the full participation of students from historically or currently underrepresented groups in higher education and/or the professoriate.
  • Service/Outreach

    • Promoting the professional and/or academic advancement of underrepresented groups in the applicant’s field as well as their well-being.
    • Enhancing diversity and equal opportunity through activities such as recruitment and mentoring of faculty and students.
    • Participating in exceptional sustained committee or administrative service that has significantly enhanced policy or processes that advance the principles of equity and inclusion.
    • Crucial contributions to campus culture, practices, or programs that have had a demonstrable and important effect in helping the campus foster IDBE.
    • Community outreach activities that support IDBE.

Selection Committee

  • Director of Faculty Development, who will serve as committee chair
  • Past award faculty recipients (up to two)*
  • Members of the Office of Inclusive Excellence (OIE)
  • Two student members selected by the OIE

*During the first year of the award, two faculty members selected by the Chair will serve instead.

Inclusive Excellence Award Winners

Andrea Silverman, Civil and Urban Engineering