Women at Tandon

NYU Tandon focuses on promoting and supporting women in engineering, science, technology, math and related fields.

We strive to increase representation, retention, and success of women through a wide range of programs, services and activities geared towards building a supportive environment of and for women at the School of Engineering.

Diverse trio of female students


At NYU Tandon, the American Dream is not limited by gender.

From K-12 STEM programs to summer research opportunities, Tandon is ensuring that the next generation of engineers is the strongest it can be by providing young women with the tools for success. Our efforts are paying off — women make up 46% of the Class of 2023, roughly double the average for U.S. engineering schools.

See how we've been making progress towards closing the STEM gender gap:

The Women at Tandon committee at the School of Engineering consists of administrators and faculty members committed to the advancement of women in STEM.