Poly Research Professor Honored for Contributions to Polymer Science

On November 9, 2006, Research Professor and Polytechnic University graduate, Eli M. Pearce, received the H.F. Mark-Medal from the Österreichisches Forschungsinstitut für Chemie & Technik (Austrian Research Institute for Chemistry & Technology). The annual award, which honors outstanding individuals in the area of polymer science, was presented at the Institute’s 60th anniversary commemorative event in Vienna.

Eli M. Pearce, ’58 Chem, is a leading authority on polymers and a former president of the American Chemical Society. He received the H.F. Mark-Medal for his excellent contributions to the polymer industry, especially in the field of synthesis and modification of technical poly-mers. Apart from his research work in the field of polyamides, his special interest is the sub-ject of polymer flammability. He is regarded as the inventor of fire resistant polymers. Pearce shared the honor with Alwin Lehner, who received a medal for his work in the plastics indus-try.

Founded in 1946, the Austrian Research Institute for Chemistry & Technology is the largest Austrian co-operative research institute. For more information on the Institute, visit the Austrian Research Institute for Chemistry & Technology website.