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Jin Montclare

Jin Kim Montclare is a Professor in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, who is performing groundbreaking research in engineering proteins to mimic nature and, in some cases, work better than nature. She works to customize artificial proteins with the aim of targeting human disorders, drug delivery and tissue regeneration as well as create nanomaterials for electronics. Using multidisciplinary expertise in chemistry and genetic engineering, these results have already been realized.

Prior to joining NYU-Tandon, Montclare was a postdoctoral fellow at the California Institute of Technology in the Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.

She received a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Fordham University in 1997, a Master of Science and a Ph.D. in Bioorganic Chemistry from Yale University in 2001 and 2003, respectively.

Among her many honors and awards are the AAAS Leshner Fellowship, AIMBE Fellow, ACS Rising Star Award, Agnes Faye Morgan Research Award from Iota Sigma Pi, Executive Leadership in Academic Technology and Engineering Fellowship, American Chemical Society PROGRESS /Dreyfus Lectureship, the Dreyfus Special Grants Program Award, the Air Force Office of Scientific Research Young Investigator Award, the Wechsler Award for Excellence, the Othmer Junior Fellow Award, the National Institute’s of Health Postdoctoral Fellowship, and the National Science Foundation Pre-doctoral Fellowship.

Montclare is the author of numerous papers for refereed journals, colloquia, and seminars and holds several patents.

She is a member of the American Chemical Society, the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering, the Biophysical Society, the Materials Research Society, the Biochemical Society, the Protein Society and American Association of Cancer Research, and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

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Research Interests
Protein engineering chemical biology biomaterials self-assembly artificial proteins biocatalyis, sustainability

Yale University, 2003
MS, Ph.D., Bioorganic Chemistry

Fordham University, 1997
BS, Chemistry

NYU Tandon School of Engineering
The Protein Engineering and Molecular Design Lab began July 2005. Broadly, our lab is focused on engineering macromolecules. The long-term goal of our lab research is to be able to predictably design or engineer artificial therapeutics, biocatalysts, scaffolds and cells. We seek to provide biologically inspired solutions to address the challenges of human disorder treatment and medicine, sustainable energy and environmental remediation.
From: July 2005 to present

California Institute of Technology
Postdoctoral fellow
Worked in the laboratory of Professor David Tirrell on evolving proteins bearing unnatural amino acids.
From: January 2003 to July 2005

Journal Articles


  • Lindsay K. Hill,† Michael Meleties,† Xuan Xie, Erika Delgado-Fukushima, Teeba Jihad, Che Fu Liu, Sean O’Neill, Raymond S. Tu, P. Douglas Renfrew, Richard Bonneau, Youssef Z. Wadghiri & Jin K. Montclare. Thermoresponsive Protein-Engineered Coiled-coil Hydrogel for Sustained Small Molecule Release. Biomacromolecules (2019) 20, 3340-3351. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1021/acs.biomac.9b00107
  • Priya Katyal, Michael Meleties & Jin K. Montclare. Self-Assembled Protein and Peptide Nanomaterials. ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering (2019) https://doi.org/10.1021/acsbiomaterials.9b00408
  • Kamia Punia, Jacob Kronenberg & Jin K. Montclare. Protein Materials for Theranostic Applications. Molecular Systems Design & Engineering (2019) 4, 1074 – 1094. doi: 10.1039/C9ME00143C
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  • Yao Wang, Priya Katyal & Jin K. Montclare. Protein Engineered Functional Materials. Advanced Healthcare Materials (2019) doi: 10.1002/adhm.201801374.
  • Hironori  Kasai, Kenji Inoue, Kentaro Imamura, Carlo  Yuvienco, Jin  K Montclare & Seiichi Yamano. Efficient siRNA delivery and gene silencing using a lipopolypeptide hybrid vector mediated by a caveolae-mediated and temperature-dependent endocytic pathway. Journal of Nanobiotechnology  (2019) 17:11  https://doi.org/10.1186/s12951-019-0444-8
  • Liming Yin, Albert S. Agustinus, Carlo Yuvienco, Takeshi Minashima, Nicole L. Schnabel, Thorsten Kirsch & Jin K. Montclare. Engineered Coiled-Coil Protein for Delivery of Inverse Agonist for Osteoarthritis. Biomacromolecules  (2018) 19, 1614-1624. DOI: 10.1021/acs.biomac.8b00158
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  • Andrew J. Olsen, Leif A. Halvorsen, Ching-Yao Yang, Roni Barak Ventura, Liming Yin, P. Douglas Renfrew,, Richard Bonneau & Jin K. Montclare. Impact of Phenylalanines Outside the Dimer Interface on Phophotriesterase Stability and Function. Mol BioSys  (2017) 13, 2092-2106. DOI: 10.1039/c7mb00196g 
  • Che Fu Liu, Raymond Chen, Joseph A. Frezzo, Priya Katyal, Lindsay K. Hill, Liming Yin, Nikita Srivastava, Haresh T. More, P. Douglas Renfrew, Richard Bonneau & Jin K. Montclare. Efficient dual siRNA and drug delivery using engineered lipoproteoplexes. Biomacromolecules (2017) 18, 2688-2698. DOI: 10.1021/acs.biomac.7b00203. 
  • Liming Yin, Carlo Yuvienco & Jin K. Montclare. Protein based therapeutic delivery agents: Contemporary developments and challenges. Biomaterials (2017) 134, 91-116. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.biomaterials.2017.04.036
  • Piul S Rabbani, Anna Zhou, Zachary M Borab, Joseph A Frezzo, Nikita Srivastava, Haresh T More, William J Rifkin, Joshua A David, Samuel J Berens, Raymond Chen, Sophia Hameedi, Muhammad H Junejo, Camille Kim, Rita A Sartor, Che F Liu, Pierre B Saadeh, Jin K Montclare & Daniel J Ceradini. Novel lipoproteoplex delivers Keap1 siRNA based gene therapy to accelerate diabetic wound healing. Biomaterials (2017) 132, 1-15. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.biomaterials.2017.04.001
  • Min Dai,† Joseph A. Frezzo,† Etka Sharma, Raymond Chen, Navjot Singh, Carlo Yuvienco, Elif Caglar, Shu Xiao, Anjana Saxena & Jin K. Montclare. Engineered Protein Polymer-Gold Nanoparticle Hybrid Materials for Small Molecule Delivery. J Nanomed Nanotechnol (2016) 7:356. doi:10.4172/2157-7439.1000356
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Authored/Edited Books

Joseph A. Frezzo & Jin K. Montclare, Natural Composite Systems for Bioinspired Materials. In Protein-based Engineered Nanostructures (2015) Edited by T. Z. Groves and A. L. Cortajarena. In press.

Haresh T. More, Ching-Yao Yang & Jin K. Montclare, Post-Translational Modification of Proteins Incorporating Non-natural Amino Acids. In Functional Polymers by Post-Polymerization Modification: Concepts, Practical Guidelines and Applications (2012) Edited by H. A. Klok and P. Theato.

Peter James Baker, Jennifer S. Haghpanah & Jin K. Montclare Elastin-basted Protein Polymers. In Polymer Biocatalysts and Biomaterials II (2008) Edited by H. N. Cheng and R. A. Gross. Chapter 3.

Peter J. Baker & Jin K. Montclare, Biotransformations using Cutinase. In Green Polymer Chemistry: Biocatalysis and Biomaterials (2010) Edited by H. N. Cheng and R. A. Gross. 1043, 141-158.


Other Publications

Priya Chacko, Sarah Appelbaum, Heejoo Kim, Jinhui Zhao & Jin K. Montclare. Integrating Technology in STEM Education. J. Tech. Sci. Ed. (2015) 5, 5-14.

Heejoo Kim, Priya Chacko, Jinhui Zhao & Jin K. Montclare. Using Touch-Screen Technology, Apps, and Blogs To Engage and Sustain High School Students’ Interest in Chemistry Topics. J. Chem. Ed. (2014) 91, 1818-1822. doi: 10.1021/ed500234z.

Maurica S. Lewis, Jinhui Zhao & Jin K. Montclare. Development and Implementation of High School Chemistry Modules using Touch-Screen Technologies. J. Chem. Ed. (2012) 89, 1012-1018.

Robert Lorenzini, Maurica S. Lewis & Jin K. Montclare. College-Mentored Polymer/Materials Science Modules for Middle and High School Students. J. Chem. Ed. (2011) 88, 1105-1108.

Yan M. Chan, Wendy Hom & Jin K. Montclare. Mentored Chem-Bio Technology Lab to Promote Early Interest in Science. J. Chem. Ed. (2011) 88, 751-754.

General/Collaborative Research

  • CBAS group: Jin Kim, Rasti Levicky, Maurizio Porfiri, NYU-Poly
  • Thorsten Kirsch, NYU Med
  • Daniel Ceradini, NYU Med
  • Vikram Kapila, NYU-Poly
  • Sungheon Kim, NYU Med
  • Komal Jhaveri, NYU Med
  • Youssef Wadghiri, NYU Med
  • Kent Kirshenbaum, Chemistry, NYU
  • Jasna Brujic, Physics, NYU
  • Xiang-Peng Kong, NYU Med
  • Seiichi Yamano, NYU Dental
  • Paulo Coelho, NYU Dental



SUNY Downstate Medical Center Rockefeller University

NYU Chemistry

  • 2016 ACS WCC Rising Star Award
  • 2015 Agnes Fay Morgan Research Award from Iota Sigma Pi, National Honor Society for Women in Chemistry
  • 2014 Distinguished Award for Excellence, Dedication to Invention, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • 2014 Executive Leadership in Academic Technology and Engineering Fellow
  • 2013 NSF I-Corps
  • 2009 Young Observer Fellowship (declined)
  • 2008 ACS PROGRESS/Dreyfus Lectureship
  • 2008 Dreyfus Special Grants Program Award
  • 2007 AFOSR Young Investigator Award
  • 2006 Wechsler Award for Excellence
  • 2006 Othmer Junior Fellow, Othmer Institute
  • 2003-2005 National Institute of Health Postdoctoral Fellowship 
  • 2001 T. F. Cooke Teaching Award for Organic Chemistry; Yale University 
  • 1997-2000 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship
  • 1997-2000 Pfizer Fellowship

Polymer Carrier., (Utility)


Engineered Protein-Lipid Systems for siRNA and Small Molecule Delivery, (PI)

National Science Foundation, 09/01/15-08/31/18

Patterned protein and hybrid materials: responsive ‘chemomechanical’ shape-shifters, (PI)

Army Research Offcie, 08/01/15-07/31/18

PFI-AIR: Prototyping a Gene Transfection Tool, GeneTrain, (PI)

National Science Foundation, 08/01/14-12/31/15

Bottom-up Assembly of Engineered Protein Fibers, (PI)

Army Research Office, 10/01/11-09/30/14

Engineered Protein-Based Multi-Functional Materials, (PI)

National Science Foundation, 09/01/12-08/31/15

Computational Studies of Histone Modifications, (co-I)

National Institute of Health, 07/01/13-06/30/17

Engineered Protein Polymers, (PI)

AFOSR, 2007-10

Mentoring Style: informal and can listen and provide whatever feedback is needed; member of T&P Committee 

My Research: Protein Engineering, Biomaterials, Diversity in Entrepreneurship

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