I am a human-computer interaction researcher and designer. My research focuses on human-centered and participatory design approaches to A.I., and to creating data-enabled products, services, and artifacts. I am interested in applications in areas such as: healthcare, where I have been designing with clinicians who treat neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis (MS); community science and health advocacy, where I have been working with communities in NYC Chinatowns around noise and air quality concerns with a focus on the environmental impacts of the reconstruction of Manhattan Jail; digital civics, where I have been working with NYC MODA and BetaNYC to look at informal learning around community use of open data; and design for A.I. and machine learning, where I have been investigating design metaphors and new methods for ideating and prototyping. I am co-director of the Human-Centered Technology, Innovation and Design PhD program, and teach courses in digital civics and designing A.I. innovation.

Fall 2024: Digital Civics for Social Innovation

  • (CUSP-GX 8823)
  • Tuesday 5-7:30 PM

Spring 2024: Design for Innovation with AI and ML

  • (MG-GY 9753 A)
  • Friday 11 AM - 1:30 PM
Research Interests
interaction design, human-computer interaction, community science, data visualization