Starting an Organization

Creating a new club or organization is easy. As long as you meet the requirements, complete the required forms and meet the deadlines provided, you are on your way to creating your group! Below are a few requirements to have before you start:

  • At least four executive board members who are School of Engineering students
  • At least eight additional members who are the School of Engineering students
  • A faculty or staff advisor
  • A mission statement, organizational goals, and a programming outline
  • A constitution 

Applications are accepted for new student organizations during September via NYU Engage (OrgSync). Qualified applicants will be contacted after the deadline for an interview. Please note, space for new clubs is limited and not all applicants will be granted recognition.

Student Organization Handbook

All Student Clubs and Organizations need to abide by the policies and procedures as outlined in the Student Organization Handbook. 

Please read through the Student Organization Handbook and submit completed Club Recognition Application to the Office of Student Activities and Resource Center via NYU Engage (OrgSync).

Once submitted, a meeting will be set up with a member of the OSARC staff and a Student Council member for official recognition. Approved Club Applications will enter into an Incubation period and be eligible for Club Fest.

Locker Request 

Your club/organization may request one (1) locker for storage. Please contact your Graduate Assistant directly to request a locker.

Re-Recognition of Clubs and Organizations

All currently recognized and active student clubs are able to be re-recognized at the end of the spring semester for the following academic year. 

All clubs who submit by the deadline will not only be able to continue being active but will also be eligible for the following perks:

  • Automatic $25 to be used on the Tandon Club Fest (still must submit to participate)
  • Ability to receive an initial funding allocation at the beginning of each semester, preloaded via NYU Engage (OrgSync).
  • Club information submitted to the NYU Center for Student Activities, Leadership, and Service to be added to the All Clubs website
  • Ability to participate in the All Club NYU Club Fest
  • Access to reserve space in the Kimmel Center

Training and Suport

Mandatory Student Leader Orientation

All NEW student club leaders from your organization must complete the Student Leader Orientation (SLO) training in order to continue holding events/meetings or to utilize your initial funding allocation past September. SLO training will only be offered in person during the second and third week of the semester. Prior to the training, please review the Student Club Handbook.

Training dates for Fall 2018 will be posted soon.

Partner with Wasserman 

The Wasserman Center for Career Development at Tandon encourages student clubs and organizations to partner with us throughout the year. If your organization is preparing for conferences, employer events, or site visits, we can help you put your best foot forward. Someone from the career center can also conduct a presentation during an open class session. Email Wasserman for more information.