Global Leaders and Scholars in STEM (GLASS)

Start something that changes everything

Complex issues that affect humankind — like climate, health, security, and communications — are influencing our lives on an unprecedented global scale. With STEM foundational to all of them, you are on the front lines of literally saving the world.

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The Global Leaders and Scholars in STEM (GLASS) program brings together and supports high-achieving undergraduates with the potential for becoming global leaders in innovation, technology, research, and entrepreneurship. Through a variety of programming and resources, the GLASS program empowers students to become the next generation of socially conscious engineering leaders.


Our Global Leaders and Scholars

More Global Leaders

GLASS scholars focus on the NYU Tandon Areas of Excellence and consider their global impact, exploring how they are related to National Academy of Engineering Grand Challenges and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

As part of their GLASS requirements, students are required to demonstrate mastery in the "5 GLASS Windows": Leadership Development, Global Competency, Academic Excellence, Commitment to Service, and Professional Development. In addition, GLASS students receive $10K annually for expenses related to research projects, academics, and professional development as they pertain to the 5 GLASS Windows.


The Journey to Global Leadership

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  • Hone your professional development skills through workshops focused on exploring career pathways, building a professional network, using your time and resources productively, and achieving goals in and out of the classroom
  • Go abroad to expand your comfort zone and gain a cross-cultural view of the design, ethical, and economic aspects of your selected research area through the classroom and ethnographic fieldwork
  • Put your learning into practice through research or an internship
  • Build leadership, professional development, and project management skills that equip you to rally others around your cause, collaborate on solutions, and excel in a real-world work environment
  • Take advantage of experiential learning opportunities through the Global Tech Experience or the Tandon Future Labs Venture Studio
  • Continue building in-demand skills and hands-on experience through research or an internship
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  • Complete your final deliverables for the program
  • Showcase your experiences in the program through your GLASS portfolio
  • Share your accomplishments with a wider audience and celebrate all of your hard work!



5 GLASS Windows

GLASS programming and outside opportunities are created to deliver on 5 guiding principles that combine to ensure student success. Throughout the program, you'll take advantage of these opportunities and experiences to gain proficiency in all 5 GLASS windows and to prepare you for your final deliverables.


Global Competency
  • Study abroad
  • International internships and research
  • Language and/or globally focused classes
Commitment to Service
  • Service learning
  • Alternative break trips
  • Community service
Leadership Development
  • Team projects
  • Mentoring
  • Student club board positions
Academic Excellence
  • Thesis paper
  • Senior design
  • VIP projects
  • Student teams
Professional Development
  • Internships
  • Research
  • Career counseling