Program Requirements | NYU Tandon School of Engineering

Program Requirements


GLASS has experiences that are required of all GLASS students to ensure completion of the 5 windows. You’re encouraged to take advantage of as many opportunities as possible and utilize your funding to the maximum extent.

Throughout the program, you’ll be required to participate in the following:

  • All GLASS cohort seminars
  • EG-UY 3003 Precapstone Innovation course (fall or spring of junior year, assigned by GLASS coordinators)
  • Study away semester (sophomore spring)
  • 1:1 career counseling
  • Alumni and Industry networking events
  • Tandon Board meetings
  • Service projects
  • Completion of all final deliverables
  • Additional programming developed by the GLASS coordinators

Students who do not fulfill these requirements will be dismissed from the GLASS program.

A 3.5 cumulative GPA is required to remain in good standing (one semester of program probation is allowed). Students who are still below the minimum CGPA after the probation semester are at risk of being dismissed from the program.

Students who are dismissed or who voluntarily withdraw from the program will be responsible for paying back any GLASS funding they have utilized up to that point.

GLASS is a three-year program. As such, students must commit to the full duration of the program. Unfortunately, students cannot participate in the GLASS program if they plan to graduate in less than four years.

Students should be ready and willing to invest the time and energy required to be successful in the GLASS Program. Through careful planning and clearly defined priorities and goals, students can take advantage of many opportunities offered at NYU outside of GLASS. However, GLASS should be a main priority. Students need to be realistic about how much to take on and to make tough decisions about what can be successfully accomplished during their time in the program.


Year by Year

UGA-UY 2000 GLASS Sophomore Seminar (fall and spring semesters)

The fall seminar focuses on an introduction to GLASS, NYU Tandon areas of excellence, global engineering ethics and competencies, and predeparture planning and preparation for the study away semester in the spring. The spring seminar focuses on building leadership and professional development skills and reflecting on the study away experience.

Study Away (spring semester)

Deliverables completed by end of sophomore year (includes summer). Failure to do so may result in dismissal from program.
  • All required assignments in seminar courses
  • Summer assignments

UGA-UY 3000 GLASS Junior Seminar (fall and spring semesters)

This seminar focuses on developing project management, research, professional skills, and working on the GLASS research/design project.

EG-UY 3003 Precapstone Innovation course (3 credits), fall or spring semester, assigned by GLASS coordinators

In this course, students will further develop their GLASS project by refining its design, building a prototype, and communicating its applications to a wider audience

Cumulative Deliverables by End of Junior Year
  • All required assignments in seminar courses and precapstone course

  • Summer assignments


UGA-UY 4000 GLASS Senior Seminar (fall and spring semesters)

This seminar focuses on completing the GLASS project and other final deliverables. Professional planning and goal-setting after graduation.

Cumulative Deliverables by end of Senior Year
  • All required assignments in seminar courses
  • Complete final deliverables: project, paper, poster, portfolio
  • Participate in culminating GLASS program events

GLASS Final Deliverables

Use the examples below to guide your final deliverables. This is not an exhaustive list but some ideas of what is expected:


  • 8+end page IEEE Conference “peer reviewed” paper with intent to submit to conference

  • 8+end page IEEE Article

  • Business proposal

  • Policy paper


  • Research poster (for academic conference)

  • Business infographic (the pitch)


  • Git / Prototype or Functional Prototype

  • Experimental Design & Results (IRB If applicable)


All students must submit a website portfolio addressing the 5 GLASS windows and the ways in which they embodied these activities during their time in the program. The portfolio will help students showcase accomplishments, reflect on their experiences, and consider how the elements of their experience are connected.