Global Leaders and Scholars in STEM (GLASS)

Start something that changes everything

Complex issues that affect humankind — like climate, health, security, and communications — are influencing our lives on an unprecedented global scale. With STEM foundational to all of them, you are on the front lines of literally saving the world.

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The Global Leaders and Scholars in STEM (GLASS) honors program is a call-to-arms. We are challenging the most academically accomplished and ambitious among our Tandon students to become an outsized force for transformational change: Visionary and determined global citizens who recognize that the power of their education comes with the potential and responsibility to defend and advance our infrastructure, communities, economies, and planet. 



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We have built the program from the ground up to help our best and brightest channel their efforts around tackling one vital field of need: from foundational tools and systems like communications, data science, AI, and robotics to intersectional areas like urban infrastructure, sustainability, health, cybersecurity, and emerging media.  

Through their experience, Global Leaders and Scholars understand how to dissect difficult issues with care, envision bold solutions, galvanize others as part of a team, and act with confidence and resilience to make a massive impact.


The Journey to Global Leadership

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  • Understand the scope of the global challenge you’ve selected, inspired by the National Academy of Engineering Grand Challenges for Engineering, United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, or your own experiences
  • Go abroad to expand your comfort zone and gain a cross-cultural view of the design, ethical, and economic aspects of your global challenge through the classroom and ethnographic fieldwork
  • Put your learning into practice through research or a relevant, curated internship
  • Build leadership, professional development, and entrepreneurship skills that equip you to rally others around your cause, collaborate on solutions, and excel in a real-world work environment
  • Lay the groundwork for solving your global challenge through pre-capstone coursework that generates interdisciplinary thinking and collaborative design
  • Continue building in-demand skills and hands-on experience through research or an internship
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  • Embark on designing a solution to your global challenge through Capstone coursework and 1:1 faculty mentorship
  • Showcase your worldly perspective, innovative thinking, research prowess, planning proficiency, technical skills and willingness to engage in multi-disciplinary teamwork
  • Make big things happen.



Advantages Along the Way

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Individualized Attention
  • Faculty, alumni, and entrepreneurial mentorship
  • Dedicated career mentor
  • 1:1 Tandon Career Services coaching and interview preparation
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Cross-Cultural Perspectives
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Specialized Academics
  • Leadership skill-building and professional development
  • Capstone Project
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Real-World Learning
  • Priority internships
  • Ethnographic fieldwork
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Cohort Building
  • Unique social and service activities
  • Spearheading a selective alumni network that strengthens every year
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Open Doors
  • $10,000 annually in special funding
  • Curated employer recruiting and career-building events
  • Priority nomination to NYU’s Leadership Honors Course
  • Access to the Tandon Board