IDM Programs

IDM offers an opportunity for a BS, BS/MS, and MS degree. Learn more about these options and find out what is right for you.

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Our project-based learning combined with the study of historical, cultural, legal and philosophical aspects of digital media can be taking in these 4 possible options or as a minor available to all NYU students. Click on any of them to see how the curriculum is structured to find what works for you.

Academic Programs

Integrated Design & Media, B.S.

Our Bachelor of Science Integrated Design & Media (IDM) program centers around the IDM core, a suite of courses that focus on the four areas of Image, Sound, Narrative, and Interactivity.

Integrated Design & Media, M.S.

The Integrated Digital Media (IDM) Program is a place that fosters creative practice, design research and multidisciplinary experimentation with emerging media technologies.

IDM Minor

The IDM minor requires a minimum of 15 credits in DM classes:

  • 3 credits in Audio or Visual Foundation Studio
  • 12 credits of DM courses at the 1/2/3/4XXX level

DM Courses can be found in the Bulletin: IDM Minor

For IDM students aiming to do a minor, see:

If you would like to do a minor contact your advisor letting them know which minor you are considering and for guidance on the next steps.



IDM Bridge Program

The NYU Tandon Bridge program is an affordable, flexible way to gain the tools and skills you need to be admitted into a the IDM Master's program.