Ricardo Sheler

  • B.S. in Sustainable Urban Environments

Headshot of Ricardo Sheler

Global Challenge: Sustainable Cities and Communities

Building sustainable communities is an all-encompassing issue that requires truly adept global leadership and international collaboration to address. Hopefully, I can be a leader in creating the world I envision.”


Ricardo Sheler is a class of 2024 undergraduate in the Technology, Culture, and Society department and is pursuing a BS in Sustainable Urban Environments. He is a Martin Luther King Jr. Scholar and a Tandon GLASS Scholar entrusted with forwarding humanitarian social justice advocacy through Urban Planning. Born and raised in Washington, DC, he is the recipient of the 2020 District of Columbia Public Schools Leadership Award and served on the NYU Inter-Residence Hall Council as the Othmer Hall Director of Advocacy. Ricardo works as a seasonal research intern for Beth Noveck's GovLab, learning about solving public problems and improving GovLab's public course and newsletter on public problem-solving. Ricardo helps lead a Food Insecurity vertical integrated project team under Alice Reznickova, director of the Sustainable Urban Environments program. The team is tasked with creating a more comprehensive definition, tracking mechanism, and response system for Food Insecurity in New York City. Thirdly he is a field research intern, under Professor Masoud Ghandehari of Civil and Urban Engineering, conducting a spatial-temporal analysis of particulate matter pollution in the New York City subway system for a study on health impacts from prolonged exposure.