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Tandon Community Alerts

Tandon Students looking sharp in professional outfits for the Career Fair

Fiscal Year 2021

June 2021
Pandemic Policy Update – Temporary Labor & OTPS, Student Reimbursement Compliance Issues, Tandon Finance Website Launch, Year-End Close Calendar Coming Soon

May 2021
UDW+ Intermittent Performance Issues, i-Buy NYU New Shopping Experience, Purchasing e-Gift Cards on P-Cards, Student Reimbursement Guidelines, Reviewing Encumbrances, Journal Entry (JEMS) Reference Sheet

April 2021
Student Stipends & Awards, Insurance Waiver Process, Amazon Business (Ship to Home), i-Buy Preferred Payment Method, Travel Policy Update

February 2021
Vendor payment issues (i-Buy), Total Contract Management (TCM) Launch, Temporary Staffing, Budget Update

January 2021
W.B Mason Launch, Signature Authority Policy, Use of “VIRUS” Chartfield, Total Contract Management (TCM) Go-Live, AP Workflow

November 2020
Key Expense Policy Reminders, AP Workflow Review, Invoice Processing (i-Buy), Gift Cards, Reviewing Dept. Budget Activity

October 2020
Business Expense Policy (NYU), Ship to Home, Service Link (Tandon), Independent Contractor & Master Consulting Agreement – Types & Changes

September 2020
UDW+ Reporting / Year End Adjustments, Pandemic Spending Guidelines, Depositing Checks and Cash, Designated Fund Balances