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How to Join a VIP Team

Details about the application timeline and process, and how to enroll once accepted to a VIP team

All undergraduate students at NYU are welcome to apply and enroll in VIP courses for credit. There are no major or prerequisite requirements. All students are expected to enroll in one VIP course for at least three consecutive semesters.

Three team members of iGEM standing with their project poster and prototype at the MakerSpace.

Application Timeline

The VIP Program is open to new undergraduate students at any point in your academic career. New students are accepted by VIP teams each Fall and Spring semester. Applications are always open! 

VIP teams can fill up quickly. Prospective students are encouraged to apply early! VIP teams will start accepting new students during the enrollment window for the upcoming semester, and applications are reviewed until a team is full.

While applications are accepted on a rolling basis, we typically have two rounds of admission:

  • Week before the start of the semester
  • Week before the Add/Drop deadline for NYU (usually end of week 2)


Learn about the Teams

Each semester the VIP Program hosts VIP Info Session & New Team Introductions to find out more about the program. Additionally, we host the VIP Recruitment Week at the beginning of every semester, for prospective students who are interested in the projects but want more information on a particular team, to find out more by directly connecting with the teams. 

The overall VIP experience varies from team to team. Some aspects are consistent while many aspect differ. Consider reaching out to teams for additional information or contact for assistance to learn more about a team. 

Questions to ask current VIP students about their VIP teams:

  • What is the size of the VIP team and how are the team members organized?
  • What types of tasks are expected of new members, or members on a particular sub-team? 
  • What is the workload like? Is it consistent or does it fluctuate?
  • When does the team usually meet and what happens at the meetings?
  • What does the VIP Notebook look like on the team? 


Apply and Enroll

All students apply to join a VIP team using the "Apply to this Team" link on each VIP team page. Most students are accepted, unless a team is full. Apply early! 

Example VIP Application

Notes for Applicants:

  • New students are primarily selected based on motivation, interest, and commitment toward the project.
  • Most applications are accepted, unless the team is full. 
  • Contact to follow-up regarding an application 

When a student is accepted to a VIP team, the VIP team leadership sends enrollment instructions and a permission code to the student via email. The VIP Program operates on a variable credit structure in which all new students and most returning students enroll for one (1) credit per semester. Students who grow into positions of leadership and specialization may enroll for two (2) credits per semester. 

Read more about the credit policies for VIP.