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Variable Course Credit

Variable credit options and enrollment policies

An essential characteristic of the VIP Program is the variable credit structure which promotes students' long-term engagement and growth. As students gain experience in the VIP course, their seniority on the project demands leadership, management, and mentorship roles that prepare them for the workforce. Many of these skills are passed down from professor to graduate student to undergraduate students, creating a sustainable environment for projects.

Three-tier organizational tree of people: one leader icon, three sub-team leaders, and nine team members.

Variable Credit Options

All undergraduate students at NYU are welcome to join VIP. Students typically enroll in a VIP course for one (1) credit per semester and are expected to enroll in the same VIP course for at least three (3) consecutive semesters. Students who grow into positions of leadership, management, and specialization may enroll for two (2) credits per semester, commensurate with having additional responsibilities and workload. It is exceptionally rare for a student to enroll in VIP for three (3) credits in one semester. Students who cannot enroll in VIP for credit due to the 18-credit enrollment overload limit but who still want to be involved in VIP have the option to enroll in a zero (0) credit course option. 

Enrolled Credit Level Course Code Grade Format Repeatability
0 credits VIP - UY 3000 Pass or Fail Up to two semesters
1 credit * VIP - UY 300X Graded, A through F Up to 6 credits
2 credits **
3 credits **

* Most new and returning students enroll for one credit per semester.
** Two or more credit enrollment is reserved for returning students who grow into leadership and technical specialization roles (pre-approval from faculty required).

Enrollment Restrictions: Each student can enroll in one VIP team at a time. Students on academic probation cannot enroll in VIP. 

Departmental Credit Policies

Several NYU Tandon departments have a standard policy for approving VIP credit towards degree requirements. Below is a table that summarizes these policies. If your school or department is not listed below, consult your departmental advisor to determine if you can apply VIP credit to your degree. Your advisor can approve on a provisional basis as your school or department determines its policy. Where marked [x], departments recognize three (3) credits on the same VIP team as elective credit towards your degree.

NYU Tandon Department Free Elective In-Major Elective Capstone / Senior Design
Applied Physics x    
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering x x  
Civil and Urban Engineering x x  
Computer Science and Engineering x x x
Electrical and Computer Engineering x x x
Mathematics (Tandon) x    
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering x x  
Technology, Culture and Society x x  
Technology Management and Innovation x    



The VIP Program strongly discourages student volunteers. All students participating on a VIP team should be receiving credit, either through VIP or through an affiliated course (e.g., senior design).