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Student Research

At NYU Tandon, students have numerous and diverse opportunities to engage in research that discovers solutions to real-world problems.

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Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP)

The Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) program provides a multi-year, integrated approach to learning that emphasizes project-based, interdisciplinary, research-active education. It provides an opportunity to learn and practice professional skills while making real-world contributions.

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    Explore the VIP program, meet the teams and apply to join!

    Selected students (sophomores to graduate students) will work together in teams on research projects with faculty from Tandon and other schools within NYU. With an intended commitment of at least three semesters, the long-term nature of the project allows for opportunities for mentorship as well as leadership. 

    Undergraduate Research

    Summer Research Programs at NYU Tandon

    For NYU Students & Select Students from Other Universities
    Each summer, members of NYU Tandon faculty open up their labs to allow rising junior and senior undergraduate students 10 weeks of hands-on research under faculty mentorship.

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    Learn more about Undergraduate Summer Research

    Review the application process and read abstracts from previous year's summer research projects.

      Additional Opportunities

      Numerous STEM research programs open to undergraduate students are available throughout the country. Search for programs by discipline or geography using Pathways to Science. Listed below are a few select programs:

      International Opportunities

      Graduate Research

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      Fellowship Opportunities in STEM 

      Explore our list of Fellowship Opportunities.

      Search for programs by discipline or geography using Pathways to Science. Listed below are a few select programs:

      International Summer Research: Practical Research Experience Program (PREP) at the Technical University of Munich (TUM)
      Graduate students can apply for a 10-week summer program in Germany.

      Research Excellence Exhibit

      The Research Excellence Exhibit is an annual public event at NYU Tandon which features exhibits that illustrate the scope of engineering and the applied sciences — and their potential for improving the world. Find out more and see lists of past projects at our Research Excellence Exhibit page.