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Launching a VIP Team

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Spring 2024 launch

  • All initial proposals must be submitted by November 1, 2023


Fall 2024 launch

  • All initial proposals must be submitted by April 2, 2024

What is VIP?

Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) is an Experiential Learning Model that creates long-term, large-scale projects that unite undergraduate education and faculty research, innovation, design, and entrepreneurship through multidisciplinary teams.

NYU VIP is part of an international consortium that is based at colleges and universities on each of the seven continents consisting of 40+ universities.

The NYU VIP Program encompasses project-based learning courses in which students participate on multidisciplinary teams for academic credit. Each VIP team has large-scale and multi-faceted objectives in research, design, entrepreneurship, and/or community outreach & service. 

Three essential characteristics of the VIP Model of Experiential Learning are:

  • Projects based on faculty advisor’s innovation projects and expertise;
  • Undergraduate participation for course credit over several semesters; and
  • Learning outcomes focused on the development of disciplinary and professional skills. The NYU VIP Program supports 40 teams and over 650 students per year, led by VIP Advisors from across NYU schools and global sites.

Students earn academic credit for their participation that actually counts towards their graduation. For more information, refer to our VIP Variable Credit and Enrollment Policies page.

Refer to the NYU VIP About page for more information.

Here is a one-minute summary video from the creator of Vertically Integrated Projects, Ed Coyle at Georgia Tech

Introduction to NYU VIP

What kinds of VIP Teams are there?

VIP teams fall into these categories: RIDES

  • Research
  • Industry-sponsored
  • Design Competition
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Service Learning

Who should be an advisor?

Advisors are NYU full time faculty members who should propose a team grounded in their own innovation projects, research, and expertise. There are cases where people other than full time faculty members have advised teams: adjuncts, post-docs, and full time staff. In these cases, advisors work side by side with full time faculty to advise the teams. Any advisor who is not a full time faculty member must meet the NYU adjunct standards. For questions, contact

NYU VIP advisor page

Advisor Commitment

There are a number of templates to support the development of VIP courses. These documents include a syllabus template, VIP notebook template, and rubric, and peer evaluations (Google Sheet, Google Form).

Grading is based on a student’s participation in the program, as well as their documented work in their VIP notebook template.

Advisors can expect to spend approximately 1 hour per week meeting with their team, reviewing notebook documentation, and being on call to answer questions. Advisor workloads may fluctuate as the team grows and develops.

VIP teams are long-term in nature and meant to run over multiple semesters. Advisors should launch a team with the expectation that they can meet that requirement

Advisors are welcome to split the workload with a second advisor, or have a post-doc or current graduate student advise their team along with them. The full time faculty member will always be listed as the advisor of record. For further information or questions, contact


  1. Advisor submits VIP Team Proposal Form

  2. VIP Manager responds to either set up a meeting or request more information

  3. After the meeting, if the team is determined to move formward, advisor will submit the VIP Team Info Sheet

  4. VIP Manager will respond giving the final 'green light' that your team will launch, or asking you to make minor edits

  5. Your team page will be made, and you will begin to receive applications in the next enrollment cycle


No. Students cannot propose or launch a VIP team. If they have an idea for a team, they should work with a faculty or staff member, who agrees to be the team advisor, to propose the new team.

VIP teams can be made up of 5 - 50+ students from any undergraduate academic year/major and organized into a professional management structure. There is no ‘magic’ team size. Whatever is the best size for your team is what works. We recommend starting on the smaller size with 5 - 10 students when you are first launching your team.

Students enroll in the one to three credits for at least three semesters and up to six. (Graduate student enrollment is optional, earning 1.5 credits per semester). The long term engagement on the project allows students to grow into leader and mentor roles and ideally create a sustainable cycle of students, as more advanced students train new incoming students. This experiential learning opportunity enables students to build a portfolio of projects that will help them secure jobs.

Faculty and graduate students benefit from student work and a broader impact of their research and education efforts, while students gain additional project experience, leadership opportunities, and teamwork skills. In addition, we are now able to offer financial compensation for team advisors.

Advisors become part of a community of the 40+ other advisors across NYU. There is also the possibility of connecting with faculty members from other colleges and universities, as well as, industry partners.

Teams should meet once every one to two weeks throughout the semester depending on the nature of the project.

No! Any NYU faculty member is welcome to propose a team.