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Variable Credit Enrollment & Policies

Undergraduate and graduate options, long-term engagement, elective credit policies

The VIP Program emphasizes long-term engagement on a VIP Team to promote students' disciplinary and professional growth, and support the sustainability of the VIP Teams. 

Three-tier organizational tree of people: one leader icon, three sub-team leaders, and nine team members.

Undergraduate Enrollment

All undergraduate students are expected to enroll on the same VIP Team for at least 3 consecutive semesters. The level of VIP credit earned per semester is determined by the workload and leadership position of each student. 

1 Credit: All new students and most returning students enroll for 1 credit per semester, equivalent to approximately 4 hours per week. 

2+ Credits: Students who grow into positions of leadership, management, and specialization may enroll for more credit, commensurate with increased workload and responsibilities. Pre-approval is required from the VIP Advisor. 

Credit Limits: Undergraduate students can earn up to 6 VIP credits total. Students who have reached this VIP enrollment limit, or who have reached the 18-credit NYU enrollment overload limit, may enroll in a zero-credit course option. Contact or your VIP Advisor for more information. 

Enrollment Restrictions: A student can only enroll in one VIP Team at a time. Students on academic probation cannot enroll in VIP. 

Elective Credit Policies

Several NYU Tandon departments have a policy to approve VIP credit towards undergraduate degree requirements (see table below). Where marked, departments recognize 3 credits on the same VIP Team as credit towards your degree. 

NYU Tandon Department Free Elective In-Major Elective Capstone / Senior Design
Applied Physics x    
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering x x  
Civil and Urban Engineering x x  
Computer Science and Engineering x x x
Electrical and Computer Engineering x x x
Mathematics (Tandon) x    
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering x x  
Technology, Culture and Society x x  
Technology Management and Innovation x    

If your school or department is not listed below, consult your departmental advisor to determine if you can apply VIP credit to your degree. Your advisor can approve on a provisional basis as your school or department determines its policy. 

Graduate Enrollment

The VIP Program now has a graduate-level course option, VIP-GY 5001. Graduate students earn 1.5 VIP credits per semester and are expected to enroll on the same VIP Team for 2 consecutive semesters. Graduate students are encouraged to contact their advisor to discuss joining a VIP Team before applying, and to reach out to with any questions. 


The VIP Program strongly discourages student volunteers. All students participating on a VIP team should be receiving credit, either through VIP or through an affiliated course (e.g., senior design).