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Entrepreneurship Education

Nurturing an entrepreneurial mindset is integral to NYU Tandon's curriculum

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Academic Programs

Entrepreneurial thinking and design skills are integrated into the study plan of students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Students are introduced to state-of-the-art design methods, strategies for successful technology commercialization, new venture creation, and best practices for fostering innovation in a wide range of courses. In addition, the following programs have a particular entrepreneurial focus:

Senior Capstone 

Many departments require senior capstones, multidisciplinary projects that showcase the problem-solving abilities and critical-thinking skills that students have developed over the years, as well as their research prowess, proficiency in planning, and willingness to engage in teamwork. Each year, the Capstone Competition aims to hone the entrepreneurial skills of students while they are working on their senior year projects. 

Internship Class

Students can work with industry-changing startups at the NYU Tandon Future Labs while earning academic credit and gaining valuable experience and real-world skills. 

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Learn about Internships

Work with industry-changing startups at the Future Labs that closely align with your interests and skills.

Vertically Integrated Projects

The Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) model for experiential learning creates long-term, large-scale projects that unite student learning, faculty research, innovation, design, and entrepreneurship through multidisciplinary teams.

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Learn about the VIP Program

Explore the VIP program, meet the teams and learn how to apply.

Veterans Entrepreneurship Training

The Veterans Entrepreneurship Training (VET) program is designed for active duty service members, US military veterans, and their spouses who want to learn entrepreneurial skills or pursue business ventures.

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Learn about VET

Find out how veterans can benefit from a curriculum that features hands-on experiential learning and mentorship.

K12 STEM Education

Innovation, Entrepreneurship and the Science of Smart Cities (ieSoSC) is a summer program for high school students that focuses on advancing technology and engineering skills through design and prototyping, built around real-world "smart city" applications and research.

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Learn about ieSoSC

Find out more about this 5-week program for New York City high school students.